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Stranger Things’ Biggest Hero Spoiled Season 4 in 2016

Stranger Things Season 4’s massive twist was spoiled in 2016 by the show’s biggest hero after they uncovered an epic conspiracy theory video.

The following contains spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 1, now streaming on Netflix.

In Stranger Things Season 4, fans were excited to learn more about the new monstrous entity plaguing Hawkins, Indiana: Vecna. Seeing as previous seasons never mentioned him, opting to focus on the Mind Flayer and creatures such as the Demogorgons, it felt like a lot of foundation would be needed to pad Vecna’s absence in the narrative. And make no mistake, Volume 1 delivered in spades by revealing his past as the sinister Henry Creel.

However, the season also packed in a major twist with Henry then revealed as 001 in the MKUltra Program. Eleven ended up banishing him to the Upside Down, which is where the first test subject Dr. Brenner worked with became the disfigured, bitter Vecna. Shockingly, an old interview has resurfaced revealing the show’s biggest hero spoiled this bombshell in 2016 after the first season caught fire.

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It came from the mouth of Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin — the heart, soul and genius who’s helped the Hellfire Club fight the Upside Down’s forces. He’s always working on gadgets, connecting Dungeons & Dragons to their story, and even naming their enemies. Thus, it feels like fate that he’d be the one to have dug deep five years ago to dissect conspiracy theories, especially because they had no idea where the show was going.

During an interview with the BUILD series, the idea of fan theories came up. Around the 17:55 mark, Matarazzo mentioned he saw a video and loved what it posited. He called it “interesting” and “cool,” stating how the creator believed the most of the 10 test subjects before Eleven were dead, but some were exiled to the Upside Down.

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Because they were trapped for so long, they transformed into monsters, just like how Will was corrupted from his brief stint there. It seems Matarazzo extrapolated this to mean they may have become Demogorgons or other foot soldiers in the inverted realm, but this is still a pretty spot on theory. It’s admittedly missing key intel such as Eleven being the one who disintegrated One, but it’s such an educated guess so far back, one has to wonder if the Duffers took any influence.

The audience was going along for the ride, not taking Matarazzo seriously, but Finn Wolfhard (who plays Mike) liked the theory too and at the 23:20 mark, he confessed he texted co-creator Matt Duffer about it. However, the higher-up denied this mutation was a plot secret they were hiding. It may be that over time, the Duffers felt this was the organic way to go. Ultimately, this has fans trying to sift through the plethora of conspiracy videos to find the mastermind behind it. The search hasn’t come to fruition yet, but due to the popularity waiting for that person, and perhaps some creative consultancy money for predicting the future, hopefully they show up, and with more theories for Volume 2!

Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 1 is now available on Netflix. Volume 2 will premiere on the platform on July 1.

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