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Superstring webtoon has Boichi and Youn In-Wan teaming up for new 2023 multiverse war Manwha

On June 3, 2022, LINE Manga announced that Boichi and Youn In-Wan would be creating a webtoon called Superstring. The plot follows a young man struggling alone to protect his family while heroes from various universes wage war on Earth.

The Superstring release date will be in 2023 on the WEBTOON platform. Boichi will be doing the art while Youn is in charge of the writing.

Boichi is best known for his work on Dr. Stone, Sun-Ken Rock, and Origin. Youn In-Wan is currently the Chief Creative Officer of LINE Digital Frontier Co.

Youn debuted in 1999 with his manwha Bom, and his most notable work is Blade of the Phantom Master. This creative duo hopes to use Superstring to strengthen WEBTOON’s position in the global market so it can reach as many people as possible.

Manwha is the Korean term for comics and print cartoons, but the term is also applied to South Korean comics. Manwha plays a massive part in Korean culture and is growing more popular thanks to various titles getting anime adaptations, live-action films, and tv series.

Many manwha is being translated on sites like WEBTOON, TappyToon, and Manta. The most significant difference between manwha and manga is that manwha are full-color, whereas manga is primarily black and white.

Though an official lineup hasn’t been revealed, if you look at the bottom right corner of the Superstring art, you can see the YLAB logo. YLAB works with many companies involved with films, comics, tv series, and more to create high-quality manwha.

And if you visit the YLAB site, you can see a list under Superstring and a variety of manwhas with a timeline. Are these the heroes that will wage war in Boichi’s and Youn’s latest work?

Boichi (Dr. Stone, Sun Ken Rock) will start a new webtoon series together with Youn In-wan (Shin Angyo Onshi) titled “Superstring” on Line Manga in 2023.

Various heroes from different dimensions clash on earth

Image © Line Digital Frontier, Boichi, Youn In-wan

WEBTOON is one of the biggest manga/e-reader on the market. It’s mainly free to use, but the selection is enormous, and you can read thousands of stories for free!

See a series that looks good? Subscribe, and if it’s already finished, you can read the whole thing. If it’s still ongoing, you’ll have to wait for the next free update, or if you’re reading an original, the author might have uploaded some chapters behind a coin wall.

But don’t worry, because WEBTOON has contests that reward you with coins all the time! And you can upload your work onto the site for free!

The only downside is that WEBTOON only accepts comics, manga, and manwha. But WEBTOON has patterned with Wattpad. So there’s always a chance your novel can be turned into a manwha!

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