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Thanos Just Got His Hands on One of Marvel’s Infinity Stones – Again

Marvel’s Mad Titan was taken the power of an Infinity Stone into his own hands all over again, although this time isn’t nearly as ominous as before.

The following contains major spoilers for Silver Surfer: Rebirth #5, available now from Marvel.

One of Marvel’s most iconic villains just got his hands on one of an Infinity Stone all over again.

Silver Surfer: Rebirth #5 sees the unlikely pair of the titular hero and the Mad Titan facing off against the near-unstoppable Tyrant, who has managed to claim the power of the Reality Stone for himself. When the Silver Surfer very nearly kills Tyrant to bring an end to the fight, the hero is quick to remove the Reality Stone from his opponents’ clutches. The Silver Surfer only keeps hold of it for a few moments before returning it to its then rightful owner — Thanos.

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Following Tyrant’s defeat at the hands of the Silver Surfer, Thanos finishes the job by seemingly killing the villain before turning his attention to the artifact at hand. Thanos reminds his temporary ally that he was last entrusted with the Reality Stone’s safekeeping, and is thusly entitled to its return. Despite his hesitance to turn the Reality Stone back over to him, the Silver Surfer ultimately acquiesces to Thanos’ demand.

First introduced collectively as the Soul Gems in 1977’s Avengers Annual #7 by Jim Starlin, the Infinity Stones have long been some of the most powerful artifacts in the entire Marvel Universe. While the Mad Titan originally sought them for unspecified reasons, the true nature of his quest would eventually become horrifyingly clear. After piecing together all five Stones and setting them within the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos wiped out half of all life in the universe in a moment that has become infamous both within and outside the realm of comics.

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Following his defeat, Thanos fell into a deep bout of introspection and self-doubt. This in turn keyed Adam Warlock into the idea that he might be capable of changing as a person. As such, Adam Warlock entrusted the power of one Infinity Stone to Thanos in secret, all in the hopes that he might not only safeguard it from any nefarious forces, but that the responsibility might uncover something genuinely good within the Mad Titan.

Upon Silver Surfer leaving the Reality Gem to Thanos once more, Genis-Vell expresses many obvious and potentially grave concerns. These are generally rebuffed by the Silver Surfer, however, as he sees within Thanos the potential for change. The issue ends with Thanos returning to a quiet life of farming, suggesting the Silver Surfer’s hunch may have been correct.

Silver Surfer: Rebirth #5 is written by Ron Marz, with art by Ron Lim, inks by Don Ho, colors by Israel Silva, and letters by VC’s Joe Sabino. The issue’s main cover was provided by Lim, Ho, and Silva, with variant covers provided by Mico Suayan and Alex Guimaraes, as well as Junggeun Yoon. Silver Surfer: Rebirth #5 is available now from Marvel.

Source: Marvel

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