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The Boys’ Dark All Lives Matter Twist May Redeem A-Train

Season 3 of The Boys just had a dark All Lives Matter twist that could pave the way for A-Train to finally garner redemption.

The following contains spoilers for The Boys Season 3, Episode 5, “The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies.

In Season 2 of The Boys, the shady A-Train came close to redemption. He helped Billy Butcher’s team get incriminating info on the murderous Homelander, but Season 3 saw all that come to nought as the villain began cutting loose. Seeing as Homelander took over Vought International as well, A-Train’s been trying to cozy up even more, knowing he’s competing with the Deep, who was just brought back.

However, all the lies and sins have been gnawing at A-Train, especially knowing he’s enabling the tyrant. In the fifth episode of the season a key incident left the ex-speedster morally conflicted. And it resulted in a dark All Lives Matter twist that may redeem A-Train and allow him to effect positive change at last.

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If occurred when he complained about Blue Hawk, a racist cape who’s beating Black people up around A-Train’s neighborhood. He’s been using excessive force, with A-Train’s brother, Nate, adamant about how it’s police brutality. Due to Blue Hawk being a Vought supe, he was merely called in and coaxed into a a public apology.

However, the media opportunity turned into a disaster when Blue Hawk got into it with the citizens, making derogatory remarks. It led to the racist beating up some folks, tossing them around and badly hurting them. As the session went awry, A-Train pulled him off, livid over Blue Hawk yelling about how All Lives Matter and Superhero Lives Matter. It was the show’s statement on the real-world problem, namely the Blue Lives Matter movement that saw some defend cops who abused minorities — particularly Black people.

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The big blow came when the powerless A-Train saw his brother wounded, and then found out Nate was now paralyzed. This left A-Train broken, knowing he created the situation by bringing Blue Hawk into their hometown. He did it for the clout and to look like a savior to his people, but all he managed was to bring destruction to his family. The sad thing is, he’s spotted Homelander being just as bad, with the Deep also backing his Donald Trump-like behavior.

They’ve already laughed off inclusivity and diversity in the meeting room, so A-Train knows he has no help. He may have to turn to Starlight, although she’d be bitter as he helped Homelander kill Supersonic. Either way, he can help her find Maeve to mount a new assault from the inside, or he could ally with Billy, who has powers now, as well as the enraged Hughie, who wants revenge against supes too. They’ve found Soldier Boy, and are unleashing him to kill Homelander, so ultimately, A-Train does have options if he wants to bring his sick boss down for good and help heal America. If he does that, he could then start taking out Blue Hawk and others, finally becoming the hero he always wanted to be.

New episodes of The Boys Season 3 release Fridays on Prime Video.

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