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The Boys: How Prime Video’s Herogasm Differs From the Comics

With Prime Video finally releasing “Herogasm,” here’s a look at how the titular supe orgy is different in The Boys comics versus the streaming series.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for The Boys Season 3, Episode 6, “Herogasm,” which released Friday on Prime Video.

The most hotly anticipated episode of The Boys Season 3 has, without a doubt, been “Herogasm.” Named after the six-issue limited series of the same name from Garth Ennis, John McCrea and Keith Burns, “Herogasm” features at its center a giant supe-filled orgy. However, there are a lot of key differences between Herogasm in the comics and in the Prime Video series.

In the comics, Herogasm is an annual orgy attended by pretty much every supe on the planet, hero or villain, to give them a vacation. To explain their absence, Vought-American cooks up a massive event that the supes must unite against, parodying major comic book crossovers like Secret Wars. The Herogasm series, for example, features a fake invasion from the Battelite of the Marith’rai system, essentially an extraterrestrial invasion. However, no such threat exists. Instead, the supes go to the Isla McFarlane near Costa Rica and have a massive orgy that lasts for several days. A number of regular humans are present at the party, and get injured by how the supes treat them.

As for the plot of Herogasm, The Boys attend the event to learn about Vought-American’s relationship with American Vice President Victor Neuman, the second-in-command to President Robert “Dakota Bob” Shaefer. At Herogasm, The Boys learn Vought-American has infiltrated the White House and that there are plans to install Neuman as President.

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The Prime Video series is much different. It’s explained in the show that Herogasm is about 70-years-old, and while it seems to be a loosely kept secret, it’s clear not every supe in the world attends. There’s also no hint that the orgy involves any sort of crossover marketing element on behalf of Vought International. Additionally, rather than taking place on Isla McFarlane, Herogasm happens at the TNT Twins’ house. Like in the comics, though, the event is filled with debauchery and supes hurting people during and with sex.

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In terms of plot, Soldier Boy sets out to get revenge on the TNT Twins, who betrayed him to the Russians, resulting in his imprisonment, with help from Hughie Campbell and Billy Butcher. While he’s successful in his mission, the trio also has to contend with opposition from Marvin/Mother’s Milk, Annie January/Starlight and Homelander. The episode also features a battle that pits Homelander against Butcher, Soldier Boy and Hughie. Victoria Neuman, the show’s version of Victor Neuman, is not present at the event at all.

New episodes of The Boys Season 3 release Fridays on Prime Video.

Liam Nolan is an associate writer at CBR. You can find him on Twitter @LD_Nolan.

What Is Herogasm in The Boys Comics?

What Is Herogasm in The Boys TV Series?

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