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The Boys Placed a Horrific Spin on Captain America’s MCU Romance

The Boys Season 3 just remixed Captain America’s MCU romance by giving its Cap and Peggy a horrific ending that created a new kind of monster.

The following contains spoilers for The Boys Season 3, Episode 5, “The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies,” streaming on Prime Video.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Steve Rogers did indeed get a happy ending, despite being a man out of time. Many felt his shot with Peggy Carter fell by the wayside after he became a “Cap-sicle,” and she went on with her life, getting married and then dying. However, Avengers: Endgame confirmed he stayed in the past, growing old with her in the wake of the Time Heist.

It was a clever way of allowing a Sentinel of Liberty to remain in the present, while giving Old Man Steve his dream girl and that picket-fence life. Admittedly, it did feel like rules of the timeline were broken, and a paradox occurred, but hey, fans accepted anything in the name of true love with these soulmates. That said, The Boys Season 3 just took a straightforward approach to its Cap and Peggy, but it remixed the romance with a very dark, disturbing finale.

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The Boys finally unleashed Soldier Boy in Russia, only for the lost soul to make his way back to America. However, he blew up a block in Manhattan, struggling to control his explosive abilities. He eventually got his suit back from The Legend, and in time, he’d make his way to the Crimson Countess, his beloved gal from the Vietnam War.

But when he got there, a powered-up version of Billy, as well as a teleporting Hughie, arranged for her to be restrained so that she could tell him the truth. Soldier Boy went in and lamented how he hoped she’d come for him while the Russians experimented on his body. In fact, the only thing that kept him alive was the hope that someday their love would reunite them. It felt very similar to Steve thinking of Peggy when he went under ice, and the belief that maybe someday they’d get their dance.

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Sadly, rather than Countess admitting that Billy’s crew got it wrong, she confessed that she sold him out to the Russians. Shockingly, she did so for free because she never loved him. She hated him, actually, due to his ego and bravado. This broke him, and Soldier Boy lost control, frying her with his heat blast.

He hated how the one thing that motivated him was what led to him becoming a lab rat, letting it all out after the nasty betrayal. It was quite heartbreaking seeing this show’s version of Peggy backstab her Cap like that, but it worked to Billy’s benefit as he plotted against Vought. Ultimately, a vulnerable Soldier Boy became his tool to kill Homelander, with Billy weaponizing the idea of love and turning it into pure, unadulterated hate.

New episodes of The Boys air Fridays on Prime Video.

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