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The Boys’ Recent Betrayal Proves [SPOILER] Can Never Be Trusted

Prime Video’s The Boys is full of deceptions and betrayal in its world of corrupted superheroes, but one supe takes the concept too far in Season 3.

The following contains spoilers for The Boys Season 3, now streaming on Prime Video.

The Boys features a variety of superheroes who manipulate the public into believing they are false idols while maintaining a more sinister life behind closed doors. The Vought International-owned superhero team even has their own theme park. The supes selected for The Seven worked their way up to gain popularity with the public before earning their spot on the team that’s become bigger than the Avengers, but that doesn’t make them good people.

A-Train has a special place in The Boys as he’s the one who killed Hughie’s girlfriend in Season 1, Episode 1 “Compound V Abuse.” The supe attempted to smooth the issue over with a fake apology and a payout, but Hughie felt it was too small of a gesture and that A-Train should be punished by law. This started the trend of viewing A-Train as an antagonist in the show, and he consistently keeps this status, solidifying it in Season 3 when he once again betrays Starlight. There’s no way anyone can ever trust him.

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A-Train cares more about his public image and getting validation from Homelander than he cares about being a good person or superhero. He’s never had a solid foundation in The Seven as his powers come from Compound V abuse, and the continued usage is slowly damaging his heart. A-Train could have walked away from The Seven with his pride intact and taken a lower position elsewhere, but he refused to give up the power he’s accumulated, keeping him from ever becoming an ally to The Boys.

At the start of Season 3, Homelander decided to use A-Train as an emotional punching bag. Anytime Homelander feels insecure or ready to snap, he seeks A-Train out and harasses him, including multiple fat-shaming comments. A-Train accepts this treatment from Homelander, including the death threats thrown his way. He and The Deep have an unwavering dedication to The Seven that blinds them from self-preservation or basic human decency… which makes A-Train’s poor luck well-deserved.

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Viewers might have started to feel some sympathy for A-Train in Season 3 as his dreams seem to be diminishing before him. He wants to become an advocate for his community, but Vought trivializes his plan and makes it ineffective. His actions don’t match his words since he continues to quiet his stance anytime he’s questioned or challenged by Ashley or Homelander. A-Train’s worst moment came in Season 3, Episode 4, “Glorious Five Year Plan,” when he sold out Supersonic and Starlight to Homelander for some popularity points from the sociopathic leader of The Seven.

Throughout The Boys, A-Train has only ever looked out for himself, and he continues to suffer the consequences of his selfish and shallow actions. He claims to want to be a true superhero and help people, but he really just wants the fame and glory that come with being in The Seven. Fearing Homelander makes sense since he’s powerful and threatening, but A-Train seems to purposefully stand in Starlight’s way without care for who gets caught in the crossfire. Supersonic suffered from A-Train’s selfishness after he’d reached out to help A-Train break free from Homelander’s hold, but Season 3 has proved A-Train is beyond helping.

To see how Starlight will retaliate against A-Train, watch new episodes of The Boys, premiering Fridays on Prime Video.

Madison Diaz has a bachelor’s degree in mass communication with a minor in writing. Now, she’s in grad school, pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing. Her overall goal in life is to be a writer and eventually publish romance novels. She enjoys reading, writing, and casual gaming. She has a cute senior dog and a cool husband who loves talking with her about comics and wrestling.

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