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The Boys Season 3, Episode 6, “Herogasm,” Recap & Spoilers

Here’s a spoiler-filled recap of The Boys Season 3, Episode 6, “Herogasm,” which aired Friday on Prime Video.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for The Boys Season 3, Episode 6, “Herogasm,” which released Friday on Prime Video.

Last week’s episode of The Boys Season 3, “The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies,” saw Billy Butcher and Hughie Campbell teaming up with Soldier Boy to take down Crimson Countess when the former leader of Payback set out to kill his old teammates for selling him out to the Russians. In exchange, they want to use Soldier Boy’s powers to get rid of Homelander. Still, this saw a major rift form between Butcher and Hughie and the rest of The Boys. This week’s episode of the show, the hotly anticipated “Herogasm,” moves forward that plot in a big way. Here’s a spoiler-filled recap of “Herogasm.”

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“Herogasm” kicks off with a YouTube video by The Deep, who is talking about Soldier Boy’s recent attack, calling them the acts of a supervillain. He then begins singing John Lennon’s “Imagine,” parodying the infamous video released towards the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Celebrities in the video include Patton Oswalt, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Kumail Nanjiani.

Following that video, The Deep and Homelander look over footage of Soldier Boy’s attack on Crimson Countess in Vought International’s Crime Analytics division. They soon spot Soldier Boy. Homelander wants to keep Soldier Boy’s return secret due to the damage it would do to the company. Instead, he plans to kill the former leader of Payback himself.

Homelander talks to Black Noir, trying to get information on why Soldier Boy would kill Crimson Countess, but the supe remains quiet. Homelander thanks Black Noir for being loyal and a friend. Once they part, though, the mysterious supe runs away, removing his tracker in the process. Later, when The Deep reveals what happened to Homelander, he pieces together that Soldier Boy is going after former members of Payback. They believe his next target will be Tommy and Tessa, the TNT Twins. Homelander sends The Deep to the Herogasm, the party they’re holding, and asks him to call if anything happens.

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Elsewhere, A-Train confronts Ashley Barrett about Blue Hawk. Although the speedster demands justice, Ashley justifies Blue Hawk’s actions and turns the tables on A-Train, bringing up his past murders and actions. This clearly rattles A-Train.

Hurt by Black Noir’s departure, Homelander begins talking to his own reflection in his apartment, wondering if he can really handle Soldier Boy. The image begins talking back to Homelander, claiming they still have human parts of him to remove before he can really flourish.

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In terms of The Boys, Hughie and Butcher strike a deal with Soldier Boy to help him find and kill former Payback members in exchange for taking out Homelander. Later, Soldier Boy complains about the TNT Twins and rants about masculinity, which disturbs Hughie. The subject of Soldier Boy’s explosion in New York comes up, and the supe says he blacked out and doesn’t know what happened. Butcher soon returns, and the trio head out to the TNT Twins’s place.

Finally, Marvin/Mother’s MIlk and Annie January/Starlight agree to work together to stop Butcher and Soldier Boy. Marvin believes their next target will be the TNT Twins. They’re interrupted by Starlight having to head to Vought Tower, where she attends a talk show taping about the current supervillain problem with Homelander and congresswoman Victoria Neuman. During the taping, Homelander becomes unhinged in response to a question and storms off.

Afterwards, Neuman and Starlight meet in private. The congresswoman tries to strike a deal to work with January directly, saying they can leverage their social media followings into real change. Neuman also makes clear she knows that Starlight and Hughie know she’s a supe. Starlight rejects Neuman’s offer and kicks her out, saying she’s done with Vought. Before she leaves, though, Neuman threatens January, telling her to keep the meeting quiet and giving her a bloody nose.

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With all The Boys biggest players headed to Herogasm, there’s still the matter of Kimiko and Frenchie, who was abducted by Little Nina last episode. In “Herogasm,” Kimiko also gets taken by the mobster’s men.

She’s brought to Frenchie and Cherie. Nina has been torturing Frenchie, and in front of Kimiko, begins mocking him, saying that he enjoys pain and likes being told what to do. Nina tries to make Frenchie choose between Cherie and Kimiko, but the latter gets free and starts killing the mobster’s men.

Afterwards, Kimiko and Frenchie escape back to the team’s office. There, Kimiko tells Frenchie she’s finally realized that Compound V didn’t turn her into a monster. Instead, it just brought out part of who she’s always been. Frenchie, though, disagrees. Kimiko also talks to Frenchie about what Nina said about him being a masochist who likes the bad things that happen to him, saying that it’s not true.

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On the way to Herogasm, Marvin tells Starlight about how Soldier Boy killed his family, which ended up being what first sparked his obsessive compulsive disorder. Marvin says he needs to end Soldier Boy before it destroys him. When they arrive at the TNT Twins’ house for Herogasm, they witness a bunch of sexual acts, with such supes as Love Sausage and Termite in attendance. Marvin ends up getting hit with a giant load of cum, which causes him to excuse himself to the bathroom.

They arrive at the TNT Twins’ house, where they encounter Love Sausage, a supe with a giant controllable penis. Inside the party, they see a bunch of sex acts. Marvin reveals a lot of the sex workers there end up getting badly hurt. It’s also revealed Termite is there, who The Boys fought at the start of Season 3. The sheer dirtiness of the party ends up triggering Marvin, as among other things, he gets a giant load of cum on him.

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While Marvin is gone, Starlight tries to convince Blue Hwak to help him stop the orgy because of Soldier Boy’s impending attack, but he refuses, having bought into Homelander’s anti-media rants. Starlight also ends up bumping into The Deep, who is having sex with an octopus. The Deep tells her that he’s at the orgy on behalf of Homelander and going to contact him when Soldier Boy arrives.

Outside the party, Soldier Boy, Hughie and Butcher do recon. The former leader of Payback reveals he actually founded Herogasm with Liberty, otherwise known as Stormfront. Hughie soon volunteers to go in as an advanced scout to find the TNT Twins, believing that doing so will reduce the collateral damage that Soldier Boy causes.

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Hughie finds the TNT Twins, but before he can get back to Soldier Boy, he bumps into A-Train. Hughie brings up how A-Train never actually apologized for killing his girlfriend, Robin Ward, at the start of the series. In a shocking twist, A-Train apologizes to Hughie and actually seems sincere. Hughie responds by punching him. Starlight sees what’s happening and intervenes. A-Train, though, is shocked by Hughie’s strength. Hughie and Starlight share what they know about the party, including Homelander’s impending arrival.

Before they can go any further, Soldier Boy arrives and confronts the TNT Twins. Starlight moves to stop Soldier Boy, but Hughie teleports them outside. They have a fight about Hughie feeling like January is always the one who has to rescue him. Their conversation comes to an end when Starlight realizes V24 has only brought out what was already in Hughie and takes him down before returning to Herogasm.

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After cleaning up, Marvin sees Soldier Boy and prepares to fight him. However, Butcher intervenes and tells Soldier Boy where the TNT Twins are. Butcher and Marvin fight, with the latter raging at the former for not letting him have his revenge when he’s been so obsessed with taking down Homelander.

Soldier Boy finds the TNT Twins, who reveal Black Noir was behind giving him up to the Russians. The former leader of Payback believes that Black Noir wouldn’t have done something like that without Vought’s say-so. Before he can get more information, though, Soldier Boy hears Love Sausage’s Russian accent and explodes, destroying the house and killing or hurting a ton of people.

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In the confusion, A-Train kills Blue Hawk using his super speed. However, this causes him to have a heart attack. Homelander, for his part, soon arrives, squishing Termite under his boot on his path to Soldier Boy.

Homelander confronts Butcher and Soldier Boy. The leader of The Seven blasts Butcher with his eyes, taking him out of combat temporarily. Soldier Boy and Homelander then fight, with the latter proving slightly stronger than his childhood hero. Butcher ends up intervening, much to Homelander’s surprise, and proves an even match for his nemesis. Working together, Soldier Boy and Butcher do some serious damage to Homelander, and when Hughie joins the battle, they’re able to hold him down. Soldier Boy charges up to kill Homelander, but the leader of The Seven escapes just in time.

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Marvin wakes up during the battle, but Starlight convinces him to go outside and help injured people. Later, they see Hughie, Butcher and Soldier Boy leave. The two groups glare at each other, making clear the division between them is bigger than ever. As the night wears on, Starlight and Marvin record a video in which she reveals what happened at Herogasm and that Soldier boy is back, killing people. The supe exposes Vought International as only caring about its image and reveals Queen Maeve is missing, not in rehab like was previously claimed. She also calls out Homelander’s behavior. After saying she’s not sure what will happen to her for revealing the truth, January promises to keep being transparent with people, revealing her real identity in the process. Then, as the episode closes, she quits The Seven.

New episodes of The Boys premiere Fridays on Prime Video.

Liam Nolan is an associate writer at CBR. You can find him on Twitter @LD_Nolan.

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