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The Dawn of The Witch: Saybil Finds His Motivation – And It Is Love

Saybil hasn’t had much to motivate him in The Dawn of the Witch. After remembering his dark past, he decides to pursue love with an unlikely partner.

The following contains spoilers for The Dawn of the Witch Episode 10, “Snack Time,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The Dawn of the Witch protagonist Saybil has struggled with having a purpose in life. Originally meandering through life as an amnesiac who is also socially deficient, he was sent to a new village by his school’s headmaster, Albus, so he could be taught to control his magic in a new way. This meant being mentored directly by Albus’ powerful childhood friend, Zero, who also happens to be Saybil’s biological aunt.

Since arriving in Zero’s village, Saybil hasn’t had much to motivate him apart from being a magic supplier to his friends Hort and Kudo. As such, he hasn’t been doing much to pull his weight around and become a more productive member of his community. It wasn’t until a life-threatening event triggered suppressed memories of his traumatic past that Saybil started becoming more cautious about the use of his powers. To better control them, Saybil decides to develop his capacity for love, thinking this will keep his friends safe from harm.

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The first person Saybil sought love advice from was Hort, who — unbeknownst to him — is actually in love with him. Despite not being an expert on the different forms of love, Hort did her best to explain romantic love to him as that’s the only form she’s currently familiar with. Unfortunately for Hort, by asking Saybil who he thinks of when he thinks he’s going to die, he immediately thinks of his escort and mentor, Loux Krystas. Of course, Hort is far from enthusiastic at the thought of Saybil hooking up with their teacher.

Without a real understanding of love and no one around to really explain it to him (including his equally socially awkward aunt), Saybil decides to follow up on his feelings for Loux in Episode 10 of The Dawn of the Witch. Hort, of course, tries to prevent Saybil from making any moves, in part because she recognizes the power imbalance that exists between them and in part because she herself doesn’t want him to get with anyone else.

During a magic demonstration at his house, Saybil shows Hort, Kudo and Loux a trick his aunt Zero taught him as a way of controlling his powers. Saybil successfully manipulates his magic energy into easily recognizable shapes and tries to get his friends to do the same. Both Kudo and Hort struggle to make shapes with their magic energy, though Hort manages to briefly make a rabbit.

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Following this demonstration, Saybil decides to ask a favor of Loux: he wants to experiment with a new spell he learned, but needs her Staff of Ludens to try it out as it could be dangerous to use on humans. Loux agrees to let him use her staff since she wants to encourage his growth as a mage. However, this isn’t the only thing he wants to ask of her. He drops a major bomb on Loux by admitting he is in love with her and wants to marry her. This is enough to shock everyone in the room and especially knock Loux off her chair.

As long as everyone is stunned, Hort is quick to point out that love is more of a social transaction between two people, meaning he cannot decide he and Loux should get together just because he happens to love her. This causes Saybil to think he did something wrong, but is otherwise not dissuaded to back down from his confession. When he sees how uncomfortable Loux is, however, he apologizes for his rudeness and asks that they forget what he said — but Loux cannot simply do that.

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When Saybil follows up on his original request to use her Staff of Ludens to test a potion he’s been making, Loux agrees to honor her word and use the staff to test his potion. While Saybil does test his concoction as planned, he also uses the opportunity to tell Loux why he likes her after being advised by Hort to do so. He states that he loves the concern she shows for others, and Loux tries to get Saybil to shift his love to Hort by pointing out she possesses those same qualities.

This doesn’t work as Saybil quickly points out he also loves being challenged by Loux, which Hort doesn’t do. Though Loux continues to reject Saybil’s feelings for her, he remains convinced his own feelings won’t change, which will make for an awkward relationship as The Dawn of the Witch moves forward.

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