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The Flash Family May Have Gained a Bat-Flash

The Flash Family are traveling into the infinite omniverse to find Barry Allen, but they may come back with another Barry – one based on Batman.

The following contains spoilers for The Flash #783, on sale now from DC Comics.

The DC Omniverse opens up the DC Universe of the comics to a whole host of new possibilities. With an infinite number of worlds, all completely unknown, it leaves an infinite number of possibilities for new characters. Future State added a new multiversal Flash to the Flash family in the form of Jess Quick, the non-binary speedster who originates from Earth-11. Now, Dark Crisis may have added another absolutely outlandish addition, straight from the omniverse.

In the Dark Crisis tie-in comic The Flash #783 (by Jeremy Adams, Amancay Nahuelpan, Jeromy Cox and Rob Leigh), Wally West and the other speedsters decided to hunt down Barry Allen. If that wasn’t hard enough though, Wally’s kids, Jai and Irey, jumped ahead first, into one of the worlds they tracked down in the infinite omniverse. It may take some time for the kids to be found after their reckless move. In the meantime though, they’ll come face to face with a very different Barry Allen.

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The twins were flung into what looked like an alternate reality Gotham City. The look and feel of Batman’s home is unmistakable to comic book fans. However, there were some pretty clear differences in the city’s skyline. The most prominent being the “Allen Tower” which rose above everything else. There were plenty of ads for “Allen Tech” too, which is sure to be this universe’s version of Wayne Tech. It became clear that, in this universe, Barry Allen had taken the place of Bruce Wayne as Gotham’s billionaire philanthropist.

Having seen all that, the next question obviously was whether this Barry had followed the same path as Bruce Wayne in another way. At the conclusion of Jay and Irey’s portion of this issue, a shadowy figure was shown behind them. The silhouette looked like that of the classic Batman in cape and cowl, but the subtleties of the headpiece revealed that it was in fact the Flash. The lightning bolt on the chest was also a dead give away.

So, it looks like DC just introduced another Batman and Flash amalgam character. The first time they did that was during Dark Nights: Metal (by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo). A number of different evil Batmen emerged from the Dark Multiverse in that event and all of them were combinations of the Dark Knight and one other character. The Red Death was the result of Batman being fused with the Flash, in a rather horrific way.

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Batman strapped Barry Allen to the hood of the Batmobile and ran a twisted experiment that fused them into one singular person. This twisted Dark Knight hijacked Barry’s body and powers to deliver his own swift, deadly justice. That fusion of Batman and the Flash though was more Bruce with the powers of Barry. This new character seems a lot more like Barry with the powers of Bruce.

He is undeniably Barry Allen, as the issue confirmed. That’s why Jai and Irey were flung to his Earth. That means it’s the character that fans know as the Flash, but with the various well-known elements of the Batman mythos added on. Just like how Red Death was Batman with all the added Speed Force and Speedster mythos added on.

There’s a unique, and quite possibly ridiculous, character here waiting to be uncovered. The next couple of issues should dive a little deeper into this new Flash, and explain how Barry Allen became his own Dark Knight in this universe. With other speedsters like Jess Quick becoming part of the Flash family in the regular DCU, who’s to say that this Batman/Flash amalgam won’t become a part of it too. They could be invaluable in the hunt for Earth-0’s Barry Allen… or they could just be a fun detour in this Dark Crisis tie-in story.

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