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The Flash’s Daughter Needs a New Codename

The Flash #783 reveals that Wally West’s daughter Irey is currently not using a codename even though she is going on superhero adventures.

The following article contains spoilers from The Flash #783, on sale now.

As one of the daughters of Wally West’s Flash, Irey West was always the sibling that had more of a grip on her powers compared to her twin brother, Jai, whose abilities fluctuate wildly. However, The Flash #783 (by Jeremy Adams, Amancay Nahuelpan, Jeremy Cox, and Rob Leigh) pointed out that Jai has now surpassed Irey in one aspect of their superhero training: he has a new codename that belongs entirely to him.

This is something Irey has acknowledged, and struggled with. She has yet to select her own codename, despite having had two in the past. Irey has used the names of both Impulse and Kid Flash at different points in her life, but those titles never stuck when others came along to claim them. Even though this has never seemed to bother Irey, having a codename is critical to being a hero in her mind, necessitating the urgent need for her to develop one of her own .

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Out of her and her brother, Irey’s abilities mirror her father’s the closest, with her having the ability to move at super speed and vibrate her molecules. There is also evidence to suggest that in a possible future she will be even faster than the Flash. However, while her power stability has always made her seem like the luckiest of the twins, she has rarely been able to hold onto a codename for long.

She held the title of Kid Flash in an alternate universe and at one point even had a similar costume during her early career. However, she was never able to truly claim the title for herself. Around that time, Bart Allen joined the Teen Titans as the new Kid Flash, depriving Irey of the chance to claim the name for herself.

Irey instead took up the newly-vacated name of Impulse, which suits her now more than ever thanks to her increasingly reckless behavior. Regardless, even this didn’t last long, and she has not taken the time to consider a new codename for herself until now.

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Interestingly enough, either of these titles could now work for her. Bart may be back as Impulse on the Young Justice team, and Wallace West may be the latest Kid Flash, but the Flash Family has rarely been so formal as to restrict sharing a codename. If there can be more than one Flash, then there can be two Impulses or Kid Flashes.

Irey still uses her Impulse costume whenever she goes on superhero adventures. The look may be due for an upgrade to distinguish herself from Bart, but it could be the perfect codename for her. As mentioned above, her recent bouts of mischief certainly support her being more impulsive in nature, so taking up the mantle would be an appropriate representation of now only her powers but her personality as well.

Amer Sawan is a reader, writer, and gamer and lover of all things nerdy from Florida. He is a graduate from the University of Florida with a B.A. in English. He has spent the past year writing for CBR. In his free time Amer enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends, both as a Dungeon Master and as a player. Follow him on twitter @AmerSawan3 and feel free to comment on article suggestions.

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