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The Greatest Demon Lord Is Finally Breaking Past Its Cookie-Cutter Themes

The identity and intentions of the mysterious Demon Lord have finally been revealed, leading the series to finally start getting interesting.

The following contains spoilers for Episode 11 of The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody, “Those with Resolve,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Within Episode 11 of The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody, “Those with Resolve,” Ard finally discovers the identity of the mysterious Demon Lord and the reason he has appeared in the alternative timeline. The rabbit hole keeps getting deeper and deeper, which forces Ard to look in the mirror and ponder over the mistakes from his past.

The introduction of this episode, with its many twists and turns, marks an exciting point for the series and a moment of relief for fans of the show who were beginning to doubt that anything of interest might present itself. Thankfully, The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody has begun to explore its characters in more depth and offer plot points that go beyond its previously cookie-cutter magical harem storyline.

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In the previous episode, “To the Battlefield of Old,” the identity of The Demon Lord was shrouded by the heavy-set armor and helmet that they wore. Shortly after setting out battle plans with Varvatos, Ard encounters this mysterious figure in his chambers. He quickly reveals that he is a version of Ard from a different dimension — one who is older and has had slightly differing experiences.

This Demon Lord similarly lived as Varvatos and would later be reborn as Ard Meteor. However, rather than holding the series’ protagonists’ more optimistic view on life, this Demon Lord has fallen into darkness and grown to despise humanity. The direction of this hatred is largely toward himself, as he believes he is the result of the unhappiness of those around him. Consequently, he has abandoned the name of Varvatos and Ard Meteor, now going by the name of “Disaster Rogue” or “The Complete Failure.”

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Disaster Rogue reveals that he is in fact not from this world but instead another. Like Ard, he was transported to this era by the figure that labeled itself as God. While the creature tasked Ard with restoring the universe timeline, The Complete Failure reveals that he was asked to destroy it. This certainly muddies the water in regard to the true intentions of the so-called “God” that these characters have encountered. Whether the dichotomy of their goals was simply for God’s personal amusement or for a higher purpose remains to be seen.

Regardless of this primary quest, Disaster Rogue informs Ard that his true aim is to atone for his sins by saving Lydia — something he was previously unable to do in his former life. After facing the last of the outer ones, it appears that she was inflicted with a curse that “violated” her mind. Unable to save her, Varvatos was forced to kill Lydia to put her out of her misery. Ever since, The Complete Failure feels that he has been just this and is ridden with guilt by the experience.

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With Varvatos’ army on the move and Ard facing off head-to-head against Disaster Rogue, it looks like things are about to heat up. So far, the battle between these two selves appears to be equal, with each managing to deflect the other’s blows and move out of harm’s way. While the fight could go on for an eternity, ending in either “a stalemate or a mutual death,” it appears that this dimension’s Demon Lord has something up his sleeve.

Throughout this episode, there have been numerous references to historical events related to the outer ones. It appears that Disaster Rogue has timed his fight with Ard to match a particular date to either give him the edge in battle or fulfill one of his goals. Whether this is to save Lydia or end the world remains to be seen. Either way, Ard will be in for the fight of his life and will almost certainly have to pull some tricks of his own to survive.

CBR Anime Features Writer Gregory Segal has been writing professionally for the last three years. In 2020, he would start his own platform, Mouthing Off Magazine, for aspiring young to gain experience within the world of journalism and have their works published. Today, Gregory works as a freelance writer who’s favourite pastime is to read, research, and write about a variety of anime/manga and the themes they convey. You can follow him on LinkedIn or feel free email him at

Who Is The Mysterious Demon Lord?

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