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The Most Badass Jedi Council Member No One Knows About

One of the coolest members of the iconic Jedi Council never appeared in the films, but rather from the 2000 Star Wars comics from Dark Horse Comic.

Throughout the Star Wars franchise, there have been a plethora of characters that perform fantastic feats with the Force, however, there are just as many characters who go unnoticed despite clearly being worthy of the moniker. While many members of the Jedi High Council have become fan-favorites for their wise personalities, or iconic character designs, many more have been left to the sidelines and forgotten.

There is one such example within the Star Wars Legends continuity, a long-forgotten Jedi Master from the prequel era who was arguably one of the coolest members of the High Jedi Council. That honor goes to a character that has only appeared in the Dark Horse Comics Star Wars Jedi Council series, the dual-lightsaber wielding and street-smart Jedi Sentinel known as Micah Giiett.

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Debuting in 2000, Micah Giiett established himself as a rather unique Jedi Master who would train his Jedi apprentices in skills that were mostly unorthodox to the Jedi Order. As a member of the rare Jedi Sentinels, Master Giiett developed a range of skills that would have been foreign to most of his contemporaries on the Jedi Council. For example, he learned how to slice computers and lock-pick doors with a level of advanced mechanical knowledge. The Jedi Master even learnt a degree of metallurgy and identified the rare metal of Cortosis, a brittle metal that could negate a lightsabers cutting abilities. This latter discovery is much like Beskar Iron from The Mandalorian Disney Plus series in the Disney Canon. Micah Giiett even learned how to cook. In Star Wars Tales #7, he bewildered fellow Jedi Master Plo Koon with his ability to expertly dice food with his two yellow lightsabers.

In Star Wars Jedi Council: Acts of War #1 (by Randy Stradley, Davidé Fabbri, Christian Dalla Vecchia and David McCaig) Giiett learned a variety of skills in the art of deception and trickery used by common street-gamblers or scam artists. Developing such skills allowed him to deceive Jedi Knight Ob-Wan Kenobi and his Master Qui-Gon Jinn just by using a simple shell cup game, displaying to them that the Force is not always the solution for every situation. This was a lesson Obi-Wan clearly took to heart when training his apprentice Anakin Skywalker and when Obi-Wan was forced to go into hiding during Jedi Purge.

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During the 2000 Star Wars Jedi Council: Acts of War miniseries (by Randy Stradley, Davidé Fabbri, Christian Dalla Vecchia and David McCaig), Jedi Master Micah Giiett was sent on a mission with some of the Jedi Order’s premier members, including Mace Windu himself, to resolve a conflict between the Yinchorii species and the Galactic Republic. There, Master Giiett displayed his immense prowess in lightsaber combat, dueling dozens of Yinchorii warriors with jetpacks atop floating platforms with Plo Koon on the moon of Yibikkoror.

However, after rescuing Mace Windu and Qui-Gon Jinn in combating more Yinchorii warriors on their home planet of Yinchorr, the Jedi Master was unfortunately severely wounded after engaging multiple warriors without assistance. Knowing that his Jedi allies had no way of transporting him to safety, Micah Giiett gifted his friend Plo Koon with his lightsaber and ordered the Jedi group to leave him to fend off the approaching horde of enemy warriors.

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There Master Giiett distracted the Yinchorii attackers and used his spare lightsaber to ignite the fuel cells of a damaged battle tank, sacrificing himself by causing the tank to explode, killing the Yinchorii soldiers and himself. Thus, this remarkable Jedi Sentinel died like a true Jedi, by giving up his own life without hesitation to save the lives of his comrades so they could go on to ultimately defeat the Yinchorii in Star Wars Jedi Council: Acts of War #4.

Despite being a largely unknown character, Micah Giiett displayed all the greatest qualities Star Wars fans have come to know in the iconic Jedi Knights, while also showing some unique wisdom in areas other Jedi Masters would shy away from, often relying on his own wits rather than the all-powerful force. As such it is clear that Micah Giiett is most deserving of the title of ‘badass’ amongst his colleagues in the Jedi Council, even if he is amongst the most criminally underrated in the Star Wars franchise.

William Pagent is a long-time avid Comic Book enthusiast and fanboy hailing from Australia and currently a CBR Comic Features Writer.

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