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The Sims 4: Werewolves – How to Be an Absolute Beast

While The Sims 4: Werewolves allows lycanthropes to tame their wild urges, it also allows werewolf Sims to become terrors of the night.

The Sims 4: Werewolves, fittingly, lets players get wild and terrorize the town on a full moon. There is plenty of freedom for werewolf Sims to be who they want to be, whether that’s joining a pack, going it alone, or being a stay-at-home wolf taking care of the pups. Those who just want to spread were-rabies and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies can do that too — and mostly without regret.

The Sims 4: Werewolves released earlier this month, which means there is still plenty to discover, especially when it comes to crossover with other expansions and Packs. The Werewolves Game Pack is mostly self-contained as is the case with other occult-themed ones. There’s a new neighborhood and tons of great new objects and clothing styles to make rebel Sims or go more boho. It’s a fair-sized pack with plenty to do, including becoming the baddest werewolf around.

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Every werewolf Sim has a Fury bar, which fills up gradually over time. When completely full, the Sim will uncontrollably transform into their werewolf form and go on a rampage. The Sims themselves are still controllable in this mode, but they will only interact with others and objects in anger, doing things like getting into fights, snarling at Sims, scratching furniture, and destroying appliances. It’s the only way Sims can transform into werewolves at first, until they learn the Transformation Mastery dormant ability. This is done by not terrifying any Sims while rampaging.

This skill is helpful for those who want their werewolves to retain more control, but it can be fun to unleash the beast within too every now and then. Fury can be increased quickly by playing on werewolf temperaments, doing things they hate like grooming or sleeping at night when they want to reverse cycle. It can be useful when wanting to just let a werewolf run amok.

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There are plenty of abilities that let players become the big bad wolf, and some can even help take on alpha werewolves. The dormant abilities are the easiest to acquire, as they explain what tasks are needed to unlock them. Besides Transformation Mastery, Werewolf Menace can be useful to prevent Sims from feeling bad about terrifying others and other actions done while rampaging. It’s unlocked by using Ferocious Intimidation, Turn into Werewolf, or Vicious Howl on a frightened Sim while not rampaging.

Other abilities are unlocked by simply leveling up the werewolf Sim, usually by doing werewolf things. Ferocity unlocks Ferocious Intimidation, needed for Werewolf Menace. Natural Healing will allow them to recover quickly from fights and other injuries, getting them back into terrorizing shape in no time. Vicious Howl strikes fear into the hearts of all around and announces the arrival of a tough foe. Alpha Wolf means winning more fights and challenges when moving up ranks in a pack. Werewolves are already great fighters, but this trait makes it so even against other werewolves and other occult Sims like vampires.

Becoming the most terrifying werewolf around is no easy task, particularly if the Sim in question has chosen the Lone Wolf Aspiration. This means challenging Greg, the ultimate and most powerful werewolf around. Greg has plenty of new lore surrounding him, plus more Fury than any other werewolf. Sims looking to challenge him will have to be ready and able to find him first, as he is somewhat of a legend in Moonwood Mill. Those just looking to be powerful and scare others, though, can do so at their leisure.

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