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The Umbrella Academy Reveals Luther’s Moon Mission Wasn’t Worthless

In The Umbrella Academy Season 1, Luther learned that his moon mission had no purpose — but Season 3 refutes his heartbreaking discovery.

The following contains spoilers for The Umbrella Academy Season 3, now streaming on Netflix.

Luther Hargreeves may not be everyone’s favorite character in The Umbrella Academy, but there’s no denying that he’s been through the wringer during the Netflix series. On top of almost dying and his siblings mocking his ape-like appearance, he also discovered in Season 1 that his isolated moon mission was never important. However, Season 3 gives Luther the assurance that it wasn’t for nothing.

Aside from technically being part-chimpanzee, Luther is mostly associated with his time on the moon. The comics even refer to him as “Spaceboy,” which Allison’s daughter Claire also affectionately calls him. In Season 2, Allison’s husband gifts her From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne because she always stared at the moon at night, thinking of Luther. When everyone thinks of the moon, they think of Luther, but he doesn’t remember it fondly.

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Season 1 revealed that Reginald Hargreeves sent Luther up to the moon for four years to give him a sense of purpose. But in true Reginald fashion, he never told Luther the truth about why he was up there. Season 3, Episode 9, “Seven Bells” opens with a flashback montage of Luther on the moon — slowly losing patience as he sifts through rubble for four years. But unbeknownst to Luther, someone else was on the moon with him. The camera zooms out to show a woman by the name of Abigail Hargreeves cryogenically frozen on the base.

Abigail isn’t a new character, but she hasn’t been seen for a while. Abigail was briefly in a flashback during the Season 1 finale, in which she was revealed to be Reginald’s wife, who was on her deathbed. She told Reginald that the world needed him, but the show is still taking their sweet time to reveal why (much like how Ben died before Season 1).

Reginald never tells Luther about Abigail being on the moon. In fact, he goes as far as to make sure Luther never finds out by restricting where he can travel while he’s up there. But the new and slightly improved Reginald in Season 2 is much more open about his intentions with his children. Luther has been holding a grudge over Reginald since his revelation, and takes it out on Reginald as much as he can. Reginald tries to be a father to Luther in Season 3, and tells him that his moon mission did have a purpose — but never specifically says what it was.

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Reginald’s newfound love for fatherhood seems all well and dandy — until the Season 3 finale reveals what he’ll sacrifice to bring back Abigail. Reginald creates an elaborate plan to bring his remaining children together to reset the universe to defeat the Kugelblitz. However, when the end of Season 3 reveals a far worse timeline where Reginald rules the world with Abigail, it’s pretty clear that this was his end goal all along.

From what Season 3 shows, Luther’s moon mission was only a small part of the equation. Reginald intentionally built Hotel Obsidian around the alien machine that resets the universe, and he trained the villainous Sparrows (and possibly the Umbrellas) to fight against the guardian of it. Worst of all, he was prepared to kill every one of his children if it meant being with his wife. Luther’s mission is one of the many mysteries The Umbrella Academy has solved about Reginald, but there’s still so much more he has to answer for. With any luck, Season 4 will finally air out all of Reginald’s dirty laundry.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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