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The Umbrella Academy: Season 3’s Bittersweet Ending, Explained

Season 3 of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy had a very bittersweet ending as the Umbrellas and Sparrows fought another sinister apocalypse.

The following contains spoilers for The Umbrella Academy’s third season, now streaming on Netflix

In Season 3 of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, Sir Reginald Hargreeves proved to be at his most conniving. He manipulated not just the Sparrows, but the Umbrellas as well, but this time he used Allison’s grief and the need to be with her beloved Ray and daughter, Claire. It led to the remnants from both teams traveling to the dark mirror of the Hotel Obsidian, where Reg conjured a sinister plan to reset reality. On one hand, it’d stop the apocalypse that happened in the new timeline where both teams existed. Conversely, Five and co. couldn’t trust the sacrifices they sensed would be needed for the scheme to work. Ultimately, they all plotted a course together, unwittingly creating a bittersweet ending for both parties.

Reg confessed he built the Hotel Obsidian around a portal he thought the creators of reality designed years back. He deduced if the universe was about to end, this was a failsafe they could use to reset things. However, only the worthy could do so, ergo why he trained seven Sparrows. While some of them died in Season 3, luck was on his side as he had the time-displaced Umbrellas as replacements.

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Not all the original squad voted to go through the portal, though. However, Reg killed Luther secretly, blaming it on the guardian from the doorway that led to the other side: Hotel Oblivion. This, along with Allison coaxing the team, got them to seek revenge, including the last of the Sparrows: Ben and Luther’s wife, Sloane. As they went over, Reg left Klaus to die in the real world, thinking he’d be a liability.

These were beacons Reg needed the team to activate when they went over, but shockingly, there were multiple samurai-like guardians ready to kill them and protect the reset. While most of the guardians were killed, one broke through and maimed the crew. Thankfully, Klaus used his ability to jump over from the afterlife, bringing Luther in to save Sloane. This bought them time to kill the soldier, allowing Five to solve the sigil puzzle on the floor after Luther and Klaus died again.

Seven of the heroic alliance stood over stars on the ground, not realizing they’d be used like batteries. Reg then activated a computer to drain their essence and reboot reality. Allison was angry, though, because while she’d get her family back, she didn’t like seeing her siblings suffer. She broke the pact with Reg and killed him, revealing his robotic-alien side. However, she still pushed the reset switch, with Viktor allowing her to do so. While the others disapproved, Viktor knew what loss was like after the deaths of Harlan and Sissy, so he wanted Allison to get a happy ending.

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The series cut to Allison finally reuniting with Claire and Ray in the new reality. Seeing as Ray wasn’t Claire’s dad like he was from the past, clearly someone — or something — rewrote history. She couldn’t care less, however, as she had her dream home at last, but it wasn’t so happy for the others. Luther was back, but Sloane didn’t return. It left him running off to find her. Five also realized they lost their powers after the reset.

Klaus was annoyed too, but Diego and Lila seemed content. She was pregnant, so they looked forward to a normal life as a family, especially after spending time with Stanley, who showed them what raising a kid would be like at the Obsidian. Viktor was the last to leave the grounds where the elevator dropped them off — the location being that of the hotel. He realized, from the monument set up, Reg once more had his ego intact. There was a statue to him, dedicated on October 1, 1989, which was the kids’ birthdays, so clearly, he made the public think he saved them all once more.

The season ended with a shot of Reg in what seems to be a modern spin on his empire — Hargreeves Enterprises. There he was spotted with his dead wife, Abigail, who’s back to life, suggesting his plan all along was to use the kids to resurrect her. He had a shady smile on his face, indicating he’s well and truly the puppet master of this new world.

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Given he’s a genius inventor and has a lot more resources — plus he’s got something bigger to lose in Abigail — it looks like he’ll be more despicable than ever. This connected to earlier in the season when Abigail’s corpse was held in stasis on the moon, which confirmed what Luther was protecting there. It compounded all Reg was doing was biding time himself, which has left fans wondering if the first Reg, who died in Season 1, predicted all this happening.

The series had a brief post-credits, showcasing Ben reading a book on a train in South Korea. Now, Sparrow Ben was a jerk throughout, glad to be a pawn of Reg, but this hinted if he could find his family, maybe he might grow a heart like the old Ben. There’s also the idea of redemption in helping the other Umbrella siblings should he not find his kin, helping find Sloane or even atoning should he and Klaus have a romantic spark as the show hinted.

It was a very obscure conclusion, as he warmly smiled and the show cut to the rest of the credits. It teased what Ben let slip in his drunken and angry moments — he wanted to be better, and to have more than a life as Reg’s weapon. Only time will tell how he influences the others and if he’ll step up to be a heroic Number One, but what’s for sure is not everyone will want this new world to be tampered with again.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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