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To All The Princes I Loved and To The One Servant Who Loved You movie release date in October 2022 – Ending changes with order watched

Two novels by Otono Yomoji titled To All The Princes I Loved and To The One Servant Who Loved You are both getting anime film adaptations that will be simultaneously released in Japan on October 7, 2022.

To All The Princes I Loved and To The One Servant Who Loved You were published in 2016. The stories are about two young men with the same name who are living in a reality where you are able to travel back and forth between parallel worlds. The two young men may share the same name but they fall in love with two very different women.

A poster visual and trailer for the two films have been released. It is interesting to note that in the two poster visuals the two worlds overlap just like how the two parallel worlds intersect in the story. Each poster reveals the couple that will be falling in love. In one of the worlds, it is a sunny morning while in the other world at the same time it is nearing sunset already.

The trailer begins with the ominous line, “What if there is a story whose ending changes greatly depending on the order in which you watch it?” 

These two movies that will be released at the same time, can be viewed in different orders. The way you feel about the stories’ endings will change greatly depending on the order in which you watch them. I hope you will enjoy them. Now, I’d like for you to imagine that there’s another you in a parallel world and you see them living your life but in reverse. I believe it will be interesting to talk to people who watched the movies in the reverse order from you.

Although the two love stories aren’t linked plot-wise the reader is aware of the fact that the two worlds intersect in certain ways and the reader is able to see connections between the two worlds. It was this interesting premise that made the novels become a hot topic on TikTok and gained the novels 280,000 in cumulative unit sales.

To All The Princes I Loved will be directed by Jun Matsumoto and produced by Bakken Record, a label in Tatsunoko Production that produced the promo video Hungry Days Aoharu Kayo of Nissin Food Products. To The One Servant Who Loved You will be directed by Kenichi Kasai and produced by Toms Entertainment which is known for the anime series Lupin the III. Riko Sakaguchi will be writing the scripts for both movies.

Two parallel worlds. Two different love stories. The end is the beginning.

And the beginning is the end. Which order will you choose?

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