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Two Unlikely X-Men Are Krakoa’s Healthiest Power Couple

By reassuring Legion that he has the right to make his own choices, Blindfold has given Legion the chance to move beyond his many past traumas.

The following contains spoilers for Legion of X #1, now on sale from Marvel Comics

The X-Men have often been compared to the cast of a soap opera. The long list of tumultuous romantic relationships that have played out within the team over the years is an apt example of their penchant for interpersonal drama. In the age of Krakoa, however, both pre-existing and newly-formed relationships between members of the X-Men have been portrayed in a more positive light, and one recently-reunited couple just cemented themselves as Krakoa’s strongest relationship.

When the mysterious Mother Righteous tempted Legion with a bargain that could give him the power to overthrow Krakoa’s ruling Quiet Council in Legion of X #2 (by Si Spurrier, Jan Bazaldua, Federico Blee, and VC’s Clayton Cowles), his recently-resurrected lover Blindfold talked the troubled son of Charles Xavier down with simple but effective emotional support. By reaffirming their relationship, Blindfold provided Legion with a feeling of unconditional love that was denied to him his entire life, setting a prime example of positive communication that many other X-Men couples.

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Although Legion played a role in stopping his father’s split-persona Onslaught from destroying Krakoa, the Omega-Level Mutant has proven to be one of the Quiet Council’s loudest critics. While venting to Blindfold about his frustration with his father and his militant ways within the supposed safety of Legion’s mental realm, Mother Righteous approached the couple. She began by offering to give Legion the power to overthrow his father’s government. Then Mother Righteous drove her point home by forcing Blindfold to project visions of a potential future where Legion stood as the unopposed leader of a more open and accepting Krakoa with a corporeal Blindfold ruling by his side.

While tempted by this offer, David, in an uncharacteristic act of self-control, held back his enthusiasm and asked Blindfold for her opinion. Instead of offering it, Blindfold told Legion that it wasn’t her place to decide his actions for him and that he had to learn how to make his own choices and accept their consequences. Before departing, Blindfold reassured Legion that her love for him wasn’t affected by his status in Krakoan society and that she’d stay with him no matter what.

Due to his lifelong struggle with dissociative identity disorder and his inability to control his multiple mutant abilities, most people in Legion’s life view him as either a tool to be exploited or a liability to be contained. Throughout the majority of his childhood on Muir Island, Legion was restrained, sedated, and subjected to experimental and often torturous “therapies” by Moira MacTaggert. Xavier wasn’t even a part of Legion’s life until he was already a teenager. Xavier has shown sympathy for David’s mental health issues. However, Legion’s inability to keep his more malicious alternate personalities in check has caused Xavier to view his son as a potential threat to his mission to create a safe future for mutantkind.

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By reassuring Legion that he has the right to make his own choices, Blindfold has given Legion the chance to move beyond his many past traumas. Having spent most of his life being controlled by enemies and shown only conditional love by those closest to him, Legion has always struggled to make decisions. Often he relies on others to tell him what to do. Unfortunately, this makes him particularly vulnerable to being manipulated by people like Mother Virtuous, who doesn’t appear to have his best interests in mind. By reminding him that his choices are his own, Blindfold has shown Legion a form of trust and unconditional support that others have denied him most of his life.

By making trusting themselves and each other the main goal in their relationship, Legion and Blindfold have overcome a significant communication barrier that has been the undoing of many other superhero relationships. By outlining what each of them expects from the other and committing themselves to uphold their end of that promise, they’ve taken an important step in preventing misunderstandings that could crop up had they not made it clear to each other what they wanted.

Superhero romances are often fraught with tension, but Legion and Blindfold’s relationship is a surprising example of what a healthy relationship between superpowered individuals can look like in the Marvel Universe. Now that he knows he has someone in his corner, Legion may be able to stand up to the negative thoughts that have fueled his past misdeeds and stand up to those that would rather see him cast out of Krakoa.

Drew Kopp is a Comics Features Writer for CBR who holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. As a die-hard fan of comic books, fantasy/sci-fi literature, and video games, he loves nothing more than injecting his love of storytelling into his writing, and he also loves nothing more than writing about all things nerdy. When he isn’t busy obsessively theorizing over comic book plots or drooling over the next big indie game, he can be found writing about those topics.

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