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Walker Season 2, Episode 20, “Something’s Missing,” Recap & Spoilers

As Walker Season 2 reaches its end, dark secrets and plenty of danger surface around Cordell and his family. Here’s a recap of the season finale.

The following contains spoilers for Walker Season 2, Episode 20, “Something’s Missing,” which aired Thursday, June 23 on The CW.

In Walker Season 2, the entire Walker family has been drawn into their most personal conflict yet, facing off against their longtime rivals and neighbors the Davidsons. Caused by Cordell Walker evidently starting a barn fire that claimed the life of family patriarch Marv Davidson, the feud led to the Walkers losing their ancestral home in a horse race — and suspicions between the families remain. And as this feud reaches its climax in the season finale, it comes on the heels of Walker’s new Texas Ranger partner Cassie Perez and her old partner Miles nearly being killed by a well-armed and far-reaching crime syndicate.

The Walker family prepares to celebrate Stella’s upcoming high school graduation, though there is some lingering tension over everything the family has endured over the past year. Liam is suspicious of both how the gunmen were able to discover the Rangers’ safehouse and Dan Miller’s claims that Denise Davidson sabotaged the fateful horse race, but Walker has other pressing concerns. Captain Larry James and Cassie go over what they know about the people who nearly killed them and Miles, with the investigation briefly tabled when James offers Trey Barnett a formal place in the Texas Rangers.

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Geri Broussard (played by Odette Annable) airs her own suspicions about Gale Davidson to Walker, with Walker encouraging her to see if she can get any information herself, being a surprise member of the Davidson family. This leads Geri and Walker to have a big, public fight, with Gale picking up Geri after she quits working at the Side Step. All of this is an elaborate ruse by Walker and Geri to convince Gale to trust her more, with the two women visiting the burned out farm where Gale’s husband Marv died in a fire apparently started by Walker all those years ago.

Revisiting this ominous setting causes Gale’s memories to resurface. She remembers Marv revealing that their long-lost daughter had survived and striking Marv with a lantern, killing him and causing the fire. As an unbalanced Gale continues her confession to Geri, she accidentally knocks over another lantern and starts a new blaze while falling unconscious. Walker arrives on the scene in time to help Geri rescue Gale before the barn burns down, with paramedics, firefighters and the rest of the Walker family following close behind.

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Gale agrees to reveal the truth behind Marv’s death and the initial barn fire to the authorities, relieving Walker of the guilt he’s carried for most of his life. As Gale and Abigail Walker (played by Molly Hagan) forgive each other for the lengthy feud, an emotional Denise admits that she sabotaged the horse race to gain the Walker family ranch and reconciles with her own family. Geri and Walker privately observe that they rushed too quickly to push their relationship into a romance in the wake of Emily’s death and decide to focus on Stella’s happy graduation.

Cassie discovers that she and everyone she is working with are being targeted by the crime syndicate; she gives James the heads-up. With the truth behind the horse race exposed, the Walkers move back into their family ranch while Walker gives Stella his full support to go to college elsewhere if she chooses — before he’s ambushed on the ranch and kidnapped by mysterious figures, Season 2 ends with the rest of the family wondering where he has gone, setting up a cliffhanger for the upcoming Season 3.

Developed for television by Anna Fricke, Walker Season 2 is available to stream on the CW app.

Sam Stone is a 10th level pop culture guru living just outside of Washington, DC who knows an unreasonable amount about The Beatles. You can follow him on Twitter @samstoneshow and ask him about Nintendo, pop punk, and Star Trek.

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