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Warframe: Tips & Tricks for New Players

The overwhelming amount of content in Warframe may be intimidating for newcomers, so here’s how to get the most out of the game.

Warframe has a huge amount of content, different mission modes, open worlds, and unique mechanics that stack the game’s complexity. With Tennocon 2022 right around the corner, and a new story arc about to start, it’s a great moment for new players to dive into the game, but many shy away from the game, as it can feel overwhelming past the tutorial quest. The game has remade its tutorials several times, trying to create a smoother onboarding experience, although it still fails to guide players past the few initial hours, or what is a priority for newcomers.

Warframe is a game that should be explored at the player’s own pace, but setting goals is important to helping the player feel like they are making progress. While players should create different builds for different purposes, and most of it is already part of the game’s natural flow, there are some useful tips that new players should focus on.

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Mastery Rank is the account’s overall level and one of the most important features in Warframe. Raising it unlocks new weapons and quests, and it upgrades the carrying capacity of Void Traces, Focus, mod capacity, and more. There are several ways to get experience, but focus on exploring the star chart and upgrading all equipment to level 30. Save the trouble and don’t get rid of equipment before reaching its maximum level. When the required experience is reached, players can perform a test to raise their rank.

When playing with a squad, experience points are “shared” if players are close enough to each other. That’s called Affinity share. It doesn’t split the Affinity earned from the kill, just rewards nearby allies with the same amount. There will be an icon visible in the top right corner of the screen when the player is in range, and it also tells how many squadmates are sharing that. Keep in mind that the received Affinity doesn’t pass to the weapon in the holster. Max different equipment and follow the squad.

It’s important to clear every planet node and the planet’s Junction to receive experience and unlock new content. That includes Nightmare mode, quests, new Orbiter features like the Void Relic segment, and missions that drop bonus resources. Junctions are required to progress to other planets, while Nightmare mode applies a disadvantage during the mission in exchange for a special mod at the end. Don’t start the Steel Path right after finishing the star chart, and when visiting open-world places like Cetus, avoid end-game content like Eidolon hunts.

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New warframes and weapons require both blueprints and specific parts, or resources, to be built in the foundry. Blueprints can be bought at the in-game market tab. Check the “hide items without blueprints” to easily spot the available items. Warframe parts are earned by defeating specific bosses.

Progressing through the game unlocks new ways to obtain warframes and weapons, such as Invasions, joining or creating a Dojo, and quests. Remember that weapon blueprints and each warframe part takes 12 hours to be completed, while a warframe blueprint takes up to three days. Save your platinum and don’t use it to rush things.

Common sentinels can be obtained like most equipment through the in-game market tab, then built in the foundry. Having any sentinel is better than none, as they have essential abilities like collecting nearby items, and replenishing warframe’s health and shields. When creating a build, be sure to add the “Sacrifice” and “Regen” mods. If the mods are maxed out, the sentinel will revive the player two times.

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Platinum is an in-game currency that can be bought only with real money and traded between players. It can buy almost anything in-game and rush blueprints and constructions. Each player starts out with 50 platinum, but this is account-bound and cannot be traded with other players. The way to farm platinum for free is to get special items that people might want to buy, like riven mods, or to things like sell prime sets.

Prime parts can be acquired by cracking Void relics; they’re easy to get and players shouldn’t worry about keeping them early in-game. These can be found in certain mission rewards from specific nodes, or at Void missions. Cracking relics also rewards the player with Void traces, used to refine these relics and raise the chance of getting rarer parts. Bear in mind that this isn’t the best way to get large amounts of platinum, just a simple way to farm it as a new player.

When starting out, focus on Tier one and two missions. After getting a few relics, head back to the star chart and click on the fissure icon that looks like a little flame, and select a relic to open during the mission. Remember to collect 10 fissures on the map before the mission ends.

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Any player who has two-factor authentication enabled and at least Mastery Rank 2 can trade items in-game, but the amount of trades is equivalent to the account’s mastery rank. If the mastery rank is one, only one trade is available per day. The best way to know what players want and what is the price for that item is to check the community-made market website. There’s no need to create an account there, although it is free and speeds up the process.

Whisper the customer in the chat with “/w player-name” and be brief about the offer. Next, one player must invite the other to a trading post. If no one has a dojo, head to Maroo’s Bazaar located on Mars and invite the player to the session. Set up a shop by holding the button that opens the Gear wheel, and click on the option with the same name. Place the items and wait for the customer to join the trade. Before finishing it, check if everything is right on both ends and click on the option to proceed.

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Nightwave mimics a radio channel, spreading tales and offering daily and weekly challenges. Challenges can be completed during regular missions and are the best way to get free warframe and weapon slots, along with other interesting prizes. It can be accessed through the menu or the Orbiter’s radio. To unlock Nightwave, players must complete planet junctions and advance main quests, like Vor’s Prize.

Warframe is about space ninjas, and maps put their skills to the test. Start by getting used to bullet jumping around the map, as it is the fastest way to move (without a speed-themed warframe or a vehicle). Every player parkour to speed up missions, but recent game modes and certain tile sets require that as a baseline. To avoid conflict with some impatient squad, try new maps and modes alone before joining them, especially spy missions.

Deborah Almeida is an entrepreneur and game developer that enjoys to dissect games and write about them during her free time.

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