Naruto, one of the most famous anime shows, completed 20 years on October 3, 2022. To celebrate, author Masashi Kishimoto sensei alongside Studio Pierrot reanimated some of the show's most iconic moments, from the original series to Shippuden. This has also posed the question: Is Naruto getting reanimated anytime soon?

A 10-minute video was uploaded to Studio Pierrot's official YouTube channel, which was shared by fans all over the world. Renowned YouTuber and internet celebrity, Mr.Beast also commented on the video, saying he would be willing to fund an entire series with similar quality of animation.

Aside from the video, however, the studio staff released three unique illustrations, which portray several arcs. Kishimoto sensei also paid tribute by drawing multiple versions of his main character in a special illustration. The majority of the fanbase also wonders if Studio Pierrot will revise the famous anime series in the future.