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What A Million Little Things’ Renewal Means for the Future

ABC’s A Million Little Things dropped a few bombs in the season four finale, leaving fans to wonder how the cast will recover in season five.

This post contains spoilers for A Million Little Things Season 4, Episode 20, “Just in Case.”

Fans weren’t quite sure whether ABC’s drama, A Million Little Things, would be renewed for season five, even though there were plenty of plot threads still dangling at the start of the season finale. Fortunately, less than a week before the final episode the network dropped the news that the series would be returning for season five in the fall.

Season 4 saw a lot of big changes for everyone, like Regina’s new business, Rome’s new career path, Eddie and Katherine’s new love interests and Maggie’s reunion with Gary. It also continued to do something it’s done since the start: touch on identifiable and relatable issues like relationships, family, illness, abuse, addiction, sexuality and gender identity. Over the last eight months, the show has given its viewers plenty to think about, and during the summer hiatus minds will continue churning as they try to make sense of the season’s final moments.

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When Sophie’s music teacher, Peter Benoit, subjected her to his predatory teaching style in season three, Gary exacted vengeance and all but shattered his bond with Sophie. Sophie severed ties, but as soon as she found out that Gary’s cancer might be back, she rushed to apologize and work things out. Their reunion was sweet, but it left two major plot points wide open: Peter Benoit’s continuing efforts to teach young women and Gary’s lie to everyone — except Maggie — about the actual results from his cancer biopsy.

It seemed like happily ever afters were on the horizon for everyone, including Eddie, who started dating Peter’s ex-wife, Anna. Peter’s sudden and unexpected death put all the usual suspects in police spotlights, including Anna, who began binge-drinking. It was later revealed that her off-the-rails behavior was a response to guilt. She was the one who killed Peter, albeit it accidentally, and the guilt she felt came rushing to the surface when she began attending AA. After confessing to her involvement in Peter’s death, the police arrived to cart her off to jail, leaving Eddie once more alone.

Eddie’s been through a lot over the course of the series. Addiction and alcoholism, his divorce from Katherine, his youngest child being carted off to France and the accident that changed his life forever have all had a major impact on his character. It’s been difficult for him to find love and acceptance, but Anna brought him peace and rekindled his zest for life. With Anna in jail for Peter’s death, will Eddie stand beside her in season five? Or will he move on and continue his quest to find love?

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The success of Rome’s (Romany Howard) documentary caught the attention of Sussex Preparatory School, which he attended as a kid. Rome suffered discrimination and bullying by the white students, and when he turned to Mr. Dennings for help, Dennings brushed it off. Dennings later became the Dean of Sussex Prep. When Rome reluctantly visited the school to air his documentary for the students, he confronted Dennings, who believed he’d done an excellent job mentoring Rome. Flabbergasted by the harsh truth, Dennings resigned, paving the way for Rome’s former classmate, Dre Washington to take over.

This put Rome in an optimal position to protect a transgender student who felt empowered enough to come out at school and home. Eerily enough, it turned out that the student’s father was one of Rome’s bullies. Rome was able to eventually convince the father that his child was the same person he’d raised, and the only way forward was to get to know the man he would become.

Rome’s struggles with mental health across the course of the series have been monumental. Can he turn them to his advantage by continuing to share his own hardships with others in search of a voice? In a powerful position of influence, not just as a documentary filmmaker, but a high school teacher as well, how will he continue to make a difference? More importantly, what kind of effects could that kind of pressure have on his own mental health?

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When Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) and Maggie (Allison Miller) broke up, fans everywhere were aghast. After all, they were perfect for each other, but it wasn’t the right time. Finally reuniting after Maggie’s birthday party, it seemed like nothing could get in their way. They decided to stop living in fear of cancer and start a family together, only for Maggie to discover a lump in Gary’s breast. The lump was benign, and for a moment viewers could breathe again as the couple embarked on their journey to have a baby. Despite fertility troubles, one of Gary and Maggie’s final moments of the season was discovering that they were pregnant.

However, they were keeping a dark secret from everyone. Gary’s lump was benign, but cancer had spread into his lung. Rome discovered his secret when Gary returned the camera for Tyrell’s graduation with a video of Gary speaking to his unborn child. With no opportunity to confront him about his secret, how will season five handle Gary’s second journey through cancer treatment? Will friends and loved ones be able to forgive him for keeping such a monumental secret, especially when they all take into account how hard it was to survive Jon’s suicide when none of them even knew he was suffering?

Rooting for Gary and Maggie, both against cancer’s tremendous hold over their lives and the difficulties that forced them to break up has been a key point for viewers since their relationship launched in the show’s pilot episode. The couple can’t catch a break. Maggie beat cancer twice, which begs the question: Will Gary be so lucky the second time around, or should everyone prepare to lose another friend in the upcoming season? Many fans wonder how much longer the show can carry on. It’s grown far from the initial focus of healing from Jon’s suicide. Could Gary’s death be building toward an epic series finale?

Artist, writer, avid gamer, lover of comics, manga and anime and all around nerd, Jennifer has been creating online content for numerous websites for over 15 years. She can generally be found on Tuesday nights playing Drow Warlock Zaelien Vel’rai in the So Many Levels D&D campaign on Twitch!

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