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What Are Gohan’s and Piccolo’s New Forms? (& How Strong Are They?)

If you’ve been following the hype surrounding the Japanese premiere of the new Dragon Ball movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, you’ve probably heard that two of the franchise’s most important protagonists – Gohan and Piccolo – have received new forms, known respectively as Final Gohan and Orange Piccolo. And while information about them is still scarce, we at Fiction Horizon have decided to gather what is know about them and tell you what these new forms are and how strong they are.

Gohan’s and Piccolo’s new forms, as revealed in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, are known as Final Gohan and Orange Piccolo, respectively. These forms are actually related to their Potential Unleashed forms and represent evolved forms of the Potential Unleashed. They are extremely powerful as they were able to defeat Cell Max in the movie.

The rest of this article is going to reveal all the known details about Final Gohan and Orange Piccolo. Be wary that this article is going to contain some spoilers, but on a general level, we know very little of both Final Gohan and Orange Piccolo at this time so this article is not going to reveal much ahead of the wider release of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie.

Before we begin with our text there is one thing you need to know – at this moment, we know very little about Final Gohan; we actually only know those facts that we could deduce from the movie leaks and the written synopsis for the movie, as it surfaced online. No other details are known at this moment and we’re actually bringing you everything we know about this form at this moment. Final Gohan is an exceptionally powerful transformation used by Gohan that is in realityan evolved and limit-broken version of the Potential Unleashed form.

During the transformation, Gohan’s eyes flicker and turn red before fully manifesting the form, in which his eyes become fully red with black pupils. In this state, his hair turns light gray (hence the unofficial name, Gohan Blanco), and becomes longer to match his old Super Saiyan 2 hairstyle, with a single large bang on the forehead.

His aura, interestingly, maintains its bluish-white glow, but he also gains a reddish-magenta inner aura shrouded by magenta lightning. Final Gohan is a direct evolution from Ultimate Gohan and appears to be Gohan’s strongest transformation to date; we’ll see whether these transformations are going to keep changing.

In the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, Gohan reached this form after witnessing a heavily-injured Piccolo during the final fight with the monstrous Cell Max and transforming into his Final form out of pure rage, much like he did during his first Super Saiyan 2 transformation against the original Cell. In this form, he easily caught and brutally reacted to a punch from Cell Max and was able to completely annihilate him in the end with a Special Beam Cannon, but only afrer Orange Piccolo helped and intervened.

Just like we’ve said about Final Gohan, this moment, we know very little about Orange Piccolo; we actually only know those things that we could deduce from the movie leaks and the movie’s general synopsis, but neither revealed too much about this newly-introduced form.

Orange Piccolo is the most powerful transformation of Piccolo and an evolution of his Potential Unleashed form. In this form, Piccolo becomes taller and bulkier, his eyes become red, his skin becomes orange and he keeps the lack of lines on his arms from his Potential Unleashed state.

Orange Piccolo is a direct evolution from Piccolo’s Potential Unleashed state and is Piccolo’s most powerful transformation to date. In the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, Piccolo managed to reach both his Potential Unleashed form and this higher level form thanks to a wish from Shenron to unlock his full potential.

He uses it to easily defeat Gamma 2 and then goes on to battle Cell Max, being the only one able to put up a fight against the powerful creature. Finally, he restrains Cell Max to make it easier for Gohan to pierce his weak point and defeat the monstrosity.

What is Gohan’s new form? How strong is Final Gohan?

What is Piccolo’s new form? How strong is Orange Piccolo?

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