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What Storylines Could Sailor Moon’s Creator Elaborate On For More Content?

Here’s a look at what spin-off series are possible with the content provided within the original manga and art.

The following contains spoilers for the Sailor Moon manga and anime adaptations.

When it comes to Sailor Moon the thing that fans agree on the most is that they want more content. There have been many who rely on fan-made storylines to get by. The thing is though, Naoko Takeuchi has plenty of source material she could flesh out for more content in the future.

While two-hundred episodes of the original anime, films, and animated specials are readily available, compared that to series like One Piece that have over one-thousand episodes and fans are still hooked for more, Sailor Moon feels as if it’s just scratching the surface. There are many roads that Naoko could go down should she want to expand the world of Sailor Moon in the future. Here are the most wanted and talked about by fans for decades.

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Codename Sailor V is an obvious choice for a multitude of reasons. This was the first Manga that Naoko had published related to the Sailor Senshi. It was serialized in RunRun after having a one-off in the summer issue in 1991. The story was loved by many, so they continued to print stories for it all the way to 1997. These stories serve as the official prequel to Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

The plot revolves around Sailor Venus before she met the Senshi, and before the fight with Queen Beryl in the first season of Sailor Moon. There may be some things that will need to be changed for an anime adaptation due to continuity issues, but the changes would likely be minimal. They could use the two volumes of material already published for a short anime season ranging from twelve to twenty-four episodes. They could also show how Sailor V became so popular that they made successful video games out of her character as shown in original anime and manga.

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Chibi Usa and the Sailor Asteroids were briefly touched upon in the Sailor Moon manga by Takeuchi. In the story, the Amazoness Quartet were revealed to be future soldiers in Chibi Usa’s Senshi group. Much like Sailor Moon had her friends by her side, the Asteroids are there for Chibi Usa. Her mother would be busy ruling Crystal Tokyo in the future while Chibi Usa as would be off defending the peace.

They are introduced in the Dark Moon Circus arc when Nehelenia woke them up much earlier than they were supposed to be. The Amazoness Quartet were serious contenders when it came to villains in the series but were all eventually turned over to the side of good.

When they appear in the manga at the end of the story, they are summoned from the future after Chibi Usa transforms to protect her mother from Sailor Papillion. If a spin-off were to happen we may be able to see where they were summoned from, what kinds of lives they lead after being awakened, and what kinds of conflicts they face protecting future Earth.

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This idea comes from the image that Takeuchi shared of Chibi Moon, Sailor Saturn and the Sailor Asteroids together in an art book. It’s a known fact that during the manga and anime, Hotaru and Chibi Usa become fast friends. Hotaru may be the soldier of death and rebirth but Chibi Usa knows that she’s good at heart. This could be a good way to either elaborate on their future as friends or turn it into a mini detective series much like Codename Sailor V.

This could be really cute, and the spin-off could expand on their relationship. Many fans ship them as a couple due to some wording included in the manga. It would appear that throughout the manga they refer to each other as more than just friends leading fans to believe that they are romantically involved. Since this series would take place years later, their relationship could be clarified, and fans may enjoy watching the dynamic of the two while they go around solving mysteries with Diana.

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In the second volume of Pretty Guardian Short Stories of the Sailor Moon manga, it shows a mysterious new family member of the Tsukinos. Ko-Usagi was only featured in this book and for just a few pages but quickly became a fan favorite. It would be a cute magical girl story that could have mini adventures for kids.

The story is meant to take place in a parallel universe where Usagi and Mamoru didn’t end up ruling over Crystal Tokyo. It would be a neat way to keep the same characters doing exactly what they wanted throughout the series, being normal women with normal lives. Minako could be an actress, Makoto could own her own bakery, Ami would be a doctor and the others would be shown living out their dreams.

Breana Ceballos is a pop culture journalist who loves writing about cartoons. She enjoys watching anime and raising two nerdy kids. Feel free to tweet me for personal anime recommendations!

Codename Sailor V

Chibi Usa and the Sailor Asteroids

Chibi Usa and Hotaru Team Up!

Parallel Sailor Moon With Ko-Usagi

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