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Who Does Boruto Like – Sarada, Sumire, or Someone Else?

It is a well-known fact that shonen anime do include some romance elements, but rarely actually focus on them. This gives fans ample opportunity to ship different characters with each other, thus coming up with various fan theories. Now, some of these ships do eventually come true – like Sasuke and Sakura, and Naruto and Hinata – but most of them are either revealed during the epilogue, or don’t happen at all. In this article, we are going to discuss Boruto’s feelings towards some of his co-protagonists from Boruto.

At this moment, it seems more likely that Boruto has a crush on Sarada than Sumire. Namely, it has been implied that Boruto and Sarada have a mutual crush on each other, and while Sumire is certainly nicer as a character than Sarada, she is a bit too much like Boruto’s mother, Hinata, so we don’t think that the writers would actually repeat Naruto’s “story” for a second time. A third person is currently unlikely.

The rest of this article is going to focus on Boruto and his relationships with Sarada and Sumire. Now, we don’t really have a lot of information on this topic since romantic relationships never were a primary focus for the Naruto franchise, but regardless of that, we have collected what we know and we’re going to present it to you so that you have all the information in one place.

In this section, we are going to analyze the two main ships regarding Boruto Uzumaki. Namely, from what we could gather in the anime and manga, Boruto’s either going to end up with Sumire or Sarada. Before we give our opinion on the issue, we are going to analyze both ships and see which one is more likely in the long run.

Boruto and Sarada are childhood friends, as their parents had a close relationship with their childhood friends. Both Boruto and Sarada got to know their respective parents and their children. Boruto and Sarada got to know each other through their parents and grew very close.

Here is the evidence that we have that supports this theory:

Boruto and Sumire are classmates, who study and train under Shino. Sumire, as the class president, watches over and cares about her class’s safety.

Here is the evidence that we have to support this theory:

In the end, the BoruSara ship seems more likely than BoruSumi. Why? Well, while Sumire certainly might be a more gentle character than Sarada and, thus, a better candidate to soothe Boruto’s maverick nature, the fact that she reminds so many people of Hinata, Boruto’s mother, makes that ship less likely. Namely, we don’t think that Kishimoto and the anime writers would ultimately go for a complete replica of Naruto’s love story with Hinata, which is what the BoruSumi ship would be.

On the other hand, the evidence for the BoruSara ship is much firmer and it does really seem that they both are each other’s mutual crush. While they might be rivals, they are very similar in their natures and they do share a mutual respect that seems to go even deeper. So, we honestly think that, unless something changes drastically, the BoruSara ship is much more plausible.

At this moment, we don’t really know whether Boruto will end up marrying Sarada. As we have explained, Sarada seems to be Boruto’s crush and the emotions seem to be mutual, but since Boruto is, by all assumptions, still a long way from being finished, we don’t really know what Kishimoto has in store for Boruto and Sarada. They might love each other, but never marry, they might marry… we simply don’t know at this moment and there are no hints about anything at this moment.

As far as we know, Boruto did not have his first kiss yet; at least, he did not on-screen. If you’re referring to the scene between Sarada and Boruto from Episode 38, where a passerby pushes Boruto into Sarada, making it seem as they are about to kiss, they actually never kissed, since Sarada raided her foot and Boruto ended up kissing her shoe instead.

Does Boruto like Sumire or Sarada?

Does Boruto end up marrying Sarada?

Who was Boruto’s first kiss?

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