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Why Do Fans Ship a Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars Relationship?

Usagi and Rei may not be the gay relationship that first comes to mind when thinking of Sailor Moon, but it is one many fans ship. Here’s why.

Some fans of Sailor Moon may not immediately think of Usagi and Rei (Sailor Mars) when a gay relationship is mentioned, but it is one that many want to happen. The interesting dynamics in Usagi and Rei’s friendship — both onscreen and in the manga — make them a potentially great couple. But what factors contribute to this, and why do people ship them?

At first glance, they appear to not like each other that much. They are always picking on each other, and it seems like a sisterly relationship where one takes jabs at the other for fun. But underneath all of that, deeply caring intentions are shown in some of Sailor Moon‘s more emotionally heavy scenes.

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At one point in Season 1, Sailor Mars is the last one standing during the fight with Queen Beryl. Her spirit is the last one to give Sailor Moon — who’s having a really hard time — the confidence to keep fighting. Earlier in the battle, the sailors are using Sailor Moon as bait to draw out Queen Beryl and Sailor Mars tells the other scouts to wait to save her. At this point, the team was under the impression that Mars must hate her to let her be abused so much.

However, the reality is that Rei is the one Usagi trusts most. It’s proven when she pulls the moon stick and says “If I hated her, why would she trust me with this?” The reason why Rei left her to take so much was because she had the confidence that Sailor Moon could handle it.

While Usagi’s friends and even Mamoru are content to just accept Usagi as she is, Rei is constantly challenging her. It not only helps Usagi grow emotionally, but also as a person to have her beliefs challenged in a way that’s not demeaning. Rei knows she can do better if she really applies herself. The others just let her be the clumsy, late bun-head whom they just have to work around.

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There is another subtle clue within the Sailor Moon manga that fans have long held onto. When talking to Usagi, Rei doesn’t use honorifics. It is seen as bold in Japanese culture not to use honorifics unless you have established a very close relationship. She can be incredibly tender with the advice she gives Usagi, but also tells her exactly how it is.

Sailor Mars’ fiery spirit and Sailor Moon’s emotional nature may not seem like a match, but there are many Aries/Cancer relationships that do work out. Even though they have many challenges, these signs have “unending potential” for a deep and lasting love. The signs are known to be goal-oriented and if they are willing to put their fears to the side and open up, they have the incredible power to grow together.

As a literal ride-or-die friend, Rei will always be there for Usagi. Many see Usagi as someone who needs extra instruction for basic tasks, but Rei has the kind of faith in her that is healthy for a potential relationship.

Breana Ceballos is a pop culture journalist who loves writing about cartoons. She enjoys watching anime and raising two nerdy kids. Feel free to tweet me for personal anime recommendations!

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