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Why This Underrated FPS Is Worth Revisiting in 2022

PlanetSide 2 is a free-to-play massively multiplayer FPS with immersive gameplay. It’s in the best shape it’s ever been and deserves gamer attention.

As PlanetSide 2 celebrates the franchise’s 19th anniversary, the game is in the best state it has ever been. Now is the perfect time to try out this free massively multiplayer open-world FPS.

It is rare to find a good free-to-play game that isn’t built with predatory and pay-to-win systems. PlanetSide 2 manages to provide a worthwhile, free experience on the level of an AAA title. It has also been getting regular updates ever since its parent company was acquired by Enad Global 7, making it an ideal time for new players to get acquainted with this amazing gameplay loop.

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In PlanetSide 2, players fight for control over entire continents, using various weapons and vehicles in their non-stop war. There are several maps on which to play, and each session can support up to 2000 concurrent players, granting the game a scale that is unparalleled in the genre even as games grow larger and larger. It is common for several fights of 100+ people to be happening at different outposts across the map.

Players can join one of the game’s three factions: the Imperial Terran Republic, the freedom-fighting New Conglomerate, or the Vanu Sovereignty full of religious technocrats. Each faction has a few weapons and vehicles unique to them. This makes the clashes between them even more interesting and strategic as they wrestle for continental domination.

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One of the first questions players will ask about any free-to-play game is whether there are pay-to-win aspects that will ruin their fun. Luckily, all the guns in PlanetSide 2 can be purchased using naturally-earned in-game currency. Not only that, the starting weapons and class system make the game easy for new players to pick up, meaning it doesn’t take hours of grinding to be able to compete with veterans.

There are several classes in PlanetSide 2, each with its own playstyle. For players who love long-ranged combat and stealth, the infiltrator class provides active invisibility and a sniper rifle. For those who thrive in open skirmishes, the light assault class has a jetpack and a carbine rifle. Medics can revive teammates and engineers repair vehicles and provide massive utility, while heavy assaults use armor and rocket launchers to demolish enemies.

Characters are not limited to one class, so players can switch things up at terminals or while respawning to fit their current situation. The starting loadouts for all of these classes are extremely effective, with the starter guns being some of the most well-balanced in the game. Still, progressing and unlocking new guns is rewarding as they are geared towards specialized situations, offering alternative gameplay methods.

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All of this means that new players will not start at a combat disadvantage, so they can have fun as soon as they jump in. However, they are also incentivized to progress and unlock slick new guns and vehicles. PlanetSide 2 is one of the most effective free-to-play games on the market.

While immersion can be difficult to achieve for futuristic space shooter games, PlanetSide 2 is perhaps the single most immersive war experience that gaming has to offer. The knowledge that several fights of over 100 people are happening at any given moment across the continent is impressive enough, but there’s even more in wait for gamers here.

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While traveling to a stronghold to lay siege upon it, the potential for immersive and cinematic moments is off the charts. Players unite in voice-chat squads and travel together in land or sky vehicles, which all vary in size and capacity. Gamers are able to feel when a battle is won or lost as spawn points are physically destroyed, and the losing faction is visibly overrun. True hopelessness and dread will be felt as a small group of defenders sees an armada of vehicles approaching their location.

A squadron of ATVs can rush towards an outpost over bumpy off-road terrain, defenders showering them with gunfire and explosions. Enemy planes can turn into a fireworks display before crashing to the ground. Glorious last stands go out in blazes of glory as players’ spawn points are destroyed beneath them.

The sheer scale of the battles is reinforced by incredible soundscapes that loom in players’ ears. The overarching sense of being one small piece of a larger war makes PlanetSide 2 an amazing experience and one of the most underrated FPS titles of all time. With the game at its healthiest point in years, there’s no excuse not to try this masterpiece.

Riley is a gaming features writer for CBR. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor’s degree in English.

Planetside 2 Provides Faction-Based Warfare on an Unparalleled Scale

Planetside 2 Is Free-to-Play and New Player Friendly

Planetside 2 Provides Exceedingly Immersive Warfare

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