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Why Was One-Punch Man’s Latest Chapter Published Twice – and How Are They Different?

One-Punch Man is no stranger when it comes to mystical events, but its latest stunt has left readers scratching their heads.

The following contains spoilers for both versions of One-Punch Man Chapter 162 by One and Yusuke Murata, available in English via Viz Media.

A mystical event in the One-Punch Man manga has recently left its readers in a state of confusion, and it’s not a recent plot development. One-Punch Man had been faithfully publishing one chapter every two weeks, but updates had grown scarce recently. When the newest chapter eventually came, it was called Chapter 162 — which was already published a few weeks prior.

Chapter 162 originally released on June 1, 2022, detailing the titanic battle between Saitama and Garo. In that version of the chapter, Garo tried every trick in the book he could think of. He manifested an extra pair of hands, allowing him to send a barrage of punches toward his mighty foe. He also used the same extra pair of arms to boost his attack, granting him enough power to flatten a mountain. Garo’s attack caused Earth’s magnetic and gravitational fields to go haywire. Blast and his companions noticed this change and focused their attention on the Earth’s events.

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What is perhaps most interesting is that two of Blast’s companions looked familiar. One showed similarities with Boros, the leader of the aliens who attempted to conquer Earth, while the other looked like Beast King, the leader of Dr. Genus’ strike force. Fans will remember that both characters suffered their demise under Saitama’s punch. Another big surprise in the first version was that after Saitama got tired of messing with Garo, he showed the huge gap between their abilities — then made the Hero Hunter sit down with him for a heart-to-heart talk.

When a new chapter of One-Punch Man released on June 15, it turned out to be a redraw of Chapter 162 instead of the expected Chapter 163. A redraw means that the omitted scenes from the first rendition of the chapter are no longer canon. While the reason for this choice has not been made public, it could be as simple as Yusuke Murata and/or One being unsatisfied with the previous rendition. What is clear, however, is that the new version is the official Chapter 162.

In the second rendition, Garo still did his best to defeat Saitama and attempted every trick he was aware of, including the manifestation of another set of hands. But instead of focusing on Garo’s tricks, the new version highlights what happened after Saitama beat Garo. Although Blast and company still felt the disturbance on Earth’s fields, they were no more than silhouettes in a tiny panel.

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Saitama did eventually beat Garo in the new version, though it was grander than its predecessor. Here, Saitama’s punch broke through the Hero Hunter’s monster husk, revealing his original human body. Garo also heard a voice while mulling over his defeat. That voice eventually took Bang’s silhouette, tricking Garo into accepting the alien power. What emerged after was probably Garo’s strongest transformation yet — Cosmic Fear Mode.

Redraws are not necessarily a new concept in One-Punch Man, especially since Yusuke Murata doesn’t seem to have the word mediocrity in his vocabulary. However, the differences between the two versions raise a few questions. Given that the old version is no longer canon, does that imply that the existence of Blast’s familiar-looking companions is no more? Or perhaps their accidental revelation became an unexpected spoiler? There is also the fact that Garo receiving another transformation means the fight between the two godly beings will be continuing in future chapters of One-Punch Man.

Christian Markle is writing manga-related articles for CBR. If he’s gripping his hair writing an article, he’s inside his hole indulging in manga, anime, and/or video games. His favorite manga is One Piece, which the ever-lost Zoro is undeniably the best.

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