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Will The Boys’ [SPOILER] Finally Be Forced To Act Against Vought?

One The Boys character has proven repeatedly that they cannot be trusted. Now that the ship has sailed, can they backtrack the unforgiveable?

The following contains spoilers for The Boys Season 3, now streaming on Prime Video.

The Boys has gained significant attention for the Prime Video series’ aggressive approach to political satire and superheroes. Each hero in The Seven has a weakness that’s exploited in the show, turning them into helpless pawns or evil masterminds. The worst of these supes is Homelander, one of the scariest villains on TV today, and the people who help him maintain his power are almost as bad — including Ashley, The Deep and A-Train.

A-Train recently proved he couldn’t be trusted when he betrayed Supersonic and Starlight (played by Erin Moriarty) by exposing them to Homelander. Supersonic saw A-Train dealing with grief from Homelander’s abuse, so he had tried to intervene and let A-Train in on their plan to destroy Homelander. A-Train made the situation worse, betraying Starlight for the final time, and Supersonic eventually suffered for it. He severed any possibility of finding reliable allies when he solidified his loyalty to Homelander, who is a narcissistic psychopath, for political gain. But it didn’t benefit him since he realized Vought legitimately doesn’t care about him at all.

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A-Train had consistently requested a meeting with Blue Hawk after discovering the superhero was using excessive force in predominantly black neighborhoods. His family convinced him that it was his responsibility as a superhero and one of The Seven to take action. Ashley may be the CEO at Vought, but she answers to Homelander out of fear. She would dismiss A-Train and push him off, not wanting to engage in anything that wasn’t fabricated media. Homelander also mocked A-Train and claimed that he and Blue Hawk shared a lot of similar fans.

After A-Train betrayed Supersonic and Starlight, Homelander finally organized an impromptu meeting with Blue Hawk. The aggressive superhero attempted to deny the truth behind his actions and gave a fake apology to placate A-Train. They traveled to a black neighborhood for Blue Hawk to give a public apology to the community, but he became enraged by their direct questions. He freaked out and attacked, paralyzing A-Train’s older brother Nate — who had always been there for him and tried to convince him it wasn’t worth keeping on Vought’s good side just to stay in The Seven.

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Thhere is so much more to unpack about that storyline, as A-Train is caught in a situation that can no longer be avoided. This has become personal for him and it could be the final straw that causes him to stand up to Vought when he’d always put their interests above his own. The issue becomes the limited options A-Train has in doing so, since he’s created solid enemies in Starlight and Hughie. The Deep is his only possible ally, but he’s also under Homelander’s command and could turn on him the same way A-Train has turned on others.

In the past, A-Train has made attempts to infiltrate Vought, but he’s never succeeded. He works as a lone wolf, not accepting help from others nor letting them in on his plans. A-Train might be upset enough to target Blue Hawk and destroy him, or he could go to Ashley and Homelander with the demand that something be done. He could make a deal with them to seek revenge, even though it wouldn’t be the best plan for self-preservation. A-Train could also give up his place in The Seven, too distraught by what happened and feeling utterly powerless. But he needs to do something for himself in the rest of Season 3.

To see what A-Train will do next, catch new episodes of The Boys, premiering Fridays on Prime Video.

Madison Diaz has a bachelor’s degree in mass communication with a minor in writing. Now, she’s in grad school, pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing. Her overall goal in life is to be a writer and eventually publish romance novels. She enjoys reading, writing, and casual gaming. She has a cute senior dog and a cool husband who loves talking with her about comics and wrestling.

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