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X-Men Shatterstar and Rictor Just Told Each Other ‘I Love You’ for the First Time

Marvel’s Shatterstar and Rictor just told each other ‘I love you’ for the first time in Knights of X #3 by writer Tini Howard and artist Bob Quinn.

The following contains spoilers from Knights of X #3, on sale now from Marvel.

Shatterstar and Rictor’s relationship is taken to a new level after the couple says “I love you” to one another for the first time in Marvel’s Knights of X #3.

Knights of X #3 comes from writer Tini Howard, artist Bob Quinn, color artist Erick Arciniega, letterer VC’s Ariana Maher and designer Tom Muller. In the issue, the Knights of X are taking a momentary rest from the action in the sewers of Sevalith as they continue their quest for the Siege Perilous. Hours before, some members of the group also attempted to convince Apocylpse’s son, Death, to join them on the journey; however, despite being imprisoned, Death refuses the request because he’s “enjoying [his] time here too much.”

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Quietly conversing in the sewers, Shatterstar convinces Rictor to put down Apocalypse’s book of magic for a moment and rest with him. “Okay, okay, I just…” Rictor responds. “Uh…You know I love you, right, ‘Star?” After Shatterstar confirms he does, Rictor continues explaining that the Siege Perilous requires a sacrifice in order to unlock it and he feels it should be him. “Do you once more feel the call of the void?!” Shatterstar questions. “You are beloved!” He goes on to tell his partner, “I…could never exert my control over you simply because I am in love with you. And I know I would love any version of you…but, my love…losing you would be my sacrifice. And I am simply unwilling.”

Fans on Twitter were quick to point out that the moment marks the first time the two have told each other they love one another. CBR has also not found any other examples of the two saying “I love you” to one another in past comics. Shatterstar and Rictor first met shortly after Rictor joined X-Force. The two left the team after a time and later entered into an openly romantic relationship.

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Knights of X #3 sees Betsy Braddock, her Captain Britain Corps, Shatterstar and Rictor, King Arthur’s son Mordred and more heroes continue to try and rid the Otherworld of Meryln and King Arthur’s tyrannical reign against witchbreed. The issue ends with Gambit facing Meryln in an epic duel that ends with Gambit seemingly being killed. The story continues in Knights of X #4, which releases July 20 from Marvel.

Knights of X #3 features cover art by Yanick Paquette and Alejandro Sánchez and variant cover art by Mahmud Asrar, Matthew Wilson and Miguel Mercado. The issue is on sale now from Marvel.

Source: Marvel, Twitter

Brandon Schreur is a comics news editor for CBR, joining the team in February of 2022. Based out of Michigan, the man has a passion for pretty much all things pop culture. Comics? Loves them. Movies? Seen way too many. TV shows? Can binge-watch just about anything in insane amounts of time. Getting to write about all those interests for CBR? He’s living the dream. You can follow him on Twitter at @brandonschreur.

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