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Young Justice: Phantoms Revealed Vandal Savage’s Deadly New Army

The Young Justice: Phantoms finale gives fans a glimpse of the army Vandal Savage has been building since he was last seen on the HBO Max series.

The following contains spoilers for Young Justice: Phantoms’ finale, “Death and Rebirth,” now streaming on HBO Max.

Vandal Savage has been plotting against Earth’s heroes since his last appearance in Young Justice. The character kept a low profile in Phantoms, but he was trying to amass an army so that once he was done with the Justice League, he could battle Apokolips for control of the galaxy. In the most recent season, he’s been quietly collecting metahumans and tried to manipulate Atlantis to work under his thumb again.

In the finale of Phantoms, entitled “Death and Rebirth,” Vandal resurfaced — and proved to be more sadistic than ever. The legion he’d been building was revealed in a brief sequence amidst everything else going on in the episode. The lineup included some powerful characters, and given the sheer numbers, it seems as if the scales are tipped in his favor.

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Vandal had been using his Warworld as an ark, assembling key players for future battles with the League and Apokolips. He kept his plans secret since he knew the League could catch up with him at any time. Since he had issues with the Young Justice squad too, he couldn’t let either of them find out his endgame. However, “Death and Rebirth” showed Vandal and Ultra-Humanite looking at prisoners they kept in stasis chambers. The cells contained Mongol, Despero and Starro — two physical threats and one with the ability to mind-control.

The icing on the cake, though, was a deal that Vandal struck with Klarion, who found the Kryptonians that Earth’s heroes sent back to the Phantom Zone. General Dru-Zod and his legion were asleep while Vandal promised destruction. He also sent Supergirl to Darkseid as part of a temporary peace agreement, so Vandal may even have weapons from Apokolips he got in return to make his new legion that much more threatening.

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The House of Zod’s fate is ironic because this was exactly what Zod wanted to do — enslave the House of El and the entire cosmos. He turned Superboy into a weapon earlier in the season, so it does feel like karma to see Vandal do the same to him. That also has Young Justice fans wondering if there’ll be a clash of egos since so many big villains are now in the mix. If Vandal doesn’t keep them in check, there could be an epic civil war between characters who actively dislike following anyone.

If he can bring them all under his leadership, though, it’s going to be scary. Earth’s heroes and their allies on New Genesis may not be enough to deal with the combined threat. Even the Green Lanterns were rocked by Tomar-Re’s death, which means they don’t have the numbers or enough experienced fighters. Vandal’s short yet intimidating sequence sets the stage for a brutal showdown if Young Justice returns for another season.

All 26 episodes of Young Justice: Phantoms, as well as the three previous Young Justice seasons, are available on HBO Max.

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